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  1. Are they a trusted seed bank? How discreet is their shipping? If i was to pay with a credit/debit card for seeds what would it say on my statement?
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  3. Why not go with a more reputable bank like The Attitude?
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    World of seeds is a seed bank collection offerred through attitude. So yeah dood!!!
  5. I thought he meant :eek:
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    All we foo all day is get stoned and make fart noises with our mouths
  7. The seeds i wanted were cheaper at but i went ahead and just bought from attitude lol, cooler freebies :smoke:

    thats cool man
  8. There you go. Happy growing. ;)
  9. yumbolt 47 is amazing, their sensi stars are amazing and delerium is probably a un known world beater
    hope this helps buddy,but they are good seeds
  10. knock off and bulk dealers, no real breeders @ WoS
  11. i've heard a couple murmurs over the years that they're at least legit with their regs. it would be cool to hear some detailed smoke reporting on their gear as they have a lot of stuff that sounds like awesome gear for breeding
  12. Chronic Haze is very good from World Of Seeds :) The autos that they are doing are some of the best I've tried if you need to keep things small.
  13. Not discreet at all. It would show as THC entertainment on your bank statement. And most likely it will get caught by customs and they will tell you to go screw yourself when you contact customer service
  14. Just use seedsman...they carry everything bruh

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