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World is going to end - what to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killeroo, May 19, 2011.

  1. So some believe that the world is going to end this Saturday 21st May, massive earthquakes etc.

    So anyone got any good plans for your last few days alive and able to smoke the herb :yay::yay:
  2. Wtf wel still got till 2012 =S i still need to buy my first bong and gett supper duper high =S Jesus you better bliaze me out!
  3. I saw a billboard about that. "Judgment Day May 21, 2011." I was like ahhhhhhhhhhh sh*ts about to hit the faaaan! Judgment Day is f*ckin up my summer and pussyy game.:smoke:
  4. It was on a billboard?? Mad we never have shit like that in the UK - Well I have just ordered a ounce so I will be pissed if anything stops me from blazing this weekend.

    Earthquake or no earthquake I am chilling....:smoke:

  5. I'm gonna be taking Rapture Rips-from-the-Bong on saturday then lol.

    j/k the world isn't gonna eat saturday... lets be real here. The guy who started all this nonsense has no credibility whatsoever... he's even tried before in 1994 to say the shit was gonna end... we are still here are we not?
  6. I'm going to smoke weed with Jesus before I die
  7. I know its a crock of shit - I think its just a very good reason to have a serious brunch session :bongin: if you know what I mean ;)
  8. I'm tired of seeing "the world will end, XXXXXXXXX"

    The world will end when it ends, It could have ended 100 years ago, 50 years ago, 2 weeks ago, 5 hours ago, it could end the moment some of you finish reading this.

    & if the world doesn't end, you yourself can always come to an end. heart attack, stroke, random death, etc.

    Just live your life & don't worry about that stuff.

    /end rant.

  9. There's different ones.
  10. Fuck me what a waste of money - these people must be off their fucking box!

    @thomasman - dude we don't believe, we are just messing around & taking the piss :D

  11. The world isn't ending this weekend or in 2012. But if you guys that think it might wants to give me all of your loud and buy me a pound of weed as a "farewell" gift, I'd be cool with that!
  12. It's funny cause my friend is throwing a fat graduation party on the same day so yeah bro I'll be partying hard till the last second if shit goes down.
  13. I just find it preposterous that people are actually quitting their jobs, leaving their families [including children] behind, and pretty much dropping their lives to join this "world gonna end" movement. Literally some girl I know at my school [University] didn't register for classes next semester because she's certain the world is ending this Sat. Whata dumb bish!
  14. It doesn't make any sense that the world will end then but I'm going to smoke anyways just to be sure :smoke:
  15. Massive earthquakes are impossible in the entire world at the same time from geological stand point. But then again the religious lunatics don't believe in science.
  16. Yeah the whole prophecy is retarded. It's appearantly supposed to start at New Zealand at 6pm, and work its way west, hitting every part of the world at exactly 6pm in each timezone.
  17. Its not going to end on saturday or 2012. We wont know until it happens.

  18. God doesn't give a fuck about geology. He created the world in six days which doesn't make any sense either.
  19. If any natural disaster is about to happen, no one will know about it. There's no way to predict shit like this ever. I seriously question human rationality on daily basis, who comes up with shit like this?
  20. Who's god?

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