World Class Hangover.

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  1. UK - Scottish doctors have diagnosed what may be the longest hangover .. in the history of binge beer drinking.
    A 37-year old man admitted himself into a hospital emergency room in Glasgow last October .. complaining of wavy vision and a non-stop headache lasting four weeks.
    British journal The Lancet reports doctors were initially stumped by the symptoms .. because the patient had no history of head injury or loss of consciousness .. and was taking no medication.
    But when an eye specialist was called in .. it was found the man had developed a rare condition caused by severe dehydration.
    It was revealed he'd consumed 60 pints .. or roughly 35 litres of beer over a four day period .. following a domestic crisis.
    After more than six months of long-term blood-thinning treatment .. the man's vision was restored to normal and the headache was finally gone.

  2. Imagine if he smoked weed instead of drank for 4 days.
  3. 7.5 Gallons of beer in 4 days isn't really that much, lol... I know someone who drank 2-2.5 gallons a day for a couple weeks (they just got outta jail and were celebrating)...

    They shoulda just had him drink lots of water...
  4. Damn dude that shit is nuts. I used to know a guy who would go through a handle of vodka AND a case of beer nearly every day. Alcoholism is crazy man.

    like this dude would drink how I smoke weed...

    wake up at 9:30, gotta be at work at 11, I take a couple GBs or smoke a joint, meanwhile he takes two shots and 4 or 5 beer bongs. Lunch break, run back to the apt, I smoke a blunt with his roommate, again, for him more shots and beer bongs.

    ahaha he went to traffic court and woke me up like "yo let's take 4 or 5 bongs before we go"

    He said it would take about 15 beers to get him buzzed and that the only reason that he drank was because if he didn't the withdrawal started like 3 hours after waking up. This dude used to puke up blood on the reg man.

    smoke weed!
  5. are you kidding me, i can hardly drink 8 in 4 days, thats if i am lucky, but then again i am light weight :D
  6. Not kidding in the least. He is a full blown alcoholic, though... Sad thing is is that he's only 20 :(
  7. Just another lesson, smoke weed!
  8. Wait, you can't drink more than two beers in a day?
  9. I think he means gallons :D 8 gallons in 4 days would be a case a day.
  10. That's not good, People need lives.

    But then again, we got crach addicts giving blowjobs to get high...

    Shit's grimey and dirty. I drink on occassion. Alcoholism Runs RAMPANT in my family. Bunch of polish people, haha.

    Just gotta keep yaself in check, and know ya limits.
  11. This is why I like weed so much more then beer

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