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Discussion in 'General' started by WizardOfSwag, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Hey Blades,
    I just thought I'd start off this thread and see if any of you boys or girls wanna shares some fucked up shit that is aloud in the work place.
    I'll start it off, I work at a BK and basically the managers only care about drive through, if you order inside you get your food when its not busy and there is no orders at the window. We change the holding time on our product and you could be getting food from half a day ago. No one gives a fuck if you complain about your food, if you do, it gets remade even worse than the first time. Most of these aren't "secrets" but i think you get the point. Feel free to share :smoke:
  2. i worked at a wing joint for a year and we were very sanitary and didn't fuck with people food.
  3. Hey I work at BK too! :) Yea it makes me realize how bad you get ripped off at fast food. I had a manager tell me it doesn't matter how it looks or how it is wrapped, it just needs to be fast. So we are trained to not give a fuck about how your food is made but just get it out as fast as possible, especially for drive-thru because we have a time to beat. So, blame the managers not us :)
  4. Yeah man, you do what you're told or theyll replace you with a different slavee
  5. Theres totally already a thread for this

  6. Haha yea. Man I was done with my closing stuff a few nights ago, so I walked by the office to tell my manager bye. She told me I was doing a really good job and so I clocked out, went out to the parking lot and the night guy was there smoking a cig, so I lit one up and we got to talking and he ended up smoking me up on a bowl lol.

    First time high at that job. I always manage to get high wherever I work. :)
  7. We already a thread like this.
  8. Well technically that's the definition of fast food lol. It's's cheap....and it's food. No one said it's gonna look like it's professionally made and handcrafted by god himself lol.
  9. I work at Mcdonald's. We're told to smile all the time and be nice to customers but when it comes to crazy individuals were ordered to utilize different guidelines. At least at my location. And there's nothing special about the Mac sauce, it's just Thousand Island dressing in camouflage.

  10. Yea but I just feel bad for people paying 5 dollars for a meal with a shitty ass sandwich.

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