Workplace Discrimination

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  1. If a workplace lets its women wear skirts or have long hair but doesn't reciprocate for its men would it be considered discrimination?
  2. Yip....
    You pissed they get to use tampoons to? Or get to have a menstruation cycle and you dont?
    Dont forget Maternity leave and having babies..


    Between the Menstruation and pain of having a baby.. Woman get a few mulligans in this area. Thank God Im a man!
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    Huh? I don't want to wear a skirt and if a place cared about my hair's length I wouldn't want to work there. I'm just curious because I vaguely recall someone suing for a woman's ability to wear a suit, which is accepted now.
  4. Probably won't work the other way around,in this society women have it far easier than men in terms of legal matters.

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