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  1. hey I dunno how many of you like to workout..but Im doing something everyday...
    I love to workout to HARD kick ass music...just wondering what you guys listen to when you workout, or if you got any songs I can throw on my next mix cd to workout to..
    I have deftones..saliva..ill nino..and some korn so far..I havent burned it quite yet...maybe someone around this joint has some ideas...
  2. dude when i workout i could be listening to anything from blink 182 to rolling stones to D12.. anything that will get me pumped and full of energy.

    get CKY- promiscuous daughter.. and maybe some pennywise
  3. aaaw yeah some CKY..nice ;)
  4. strangeley enuff... the doors...
  5. ah.. working out.. lol.. i play tennis.. tennis players don't work out.. or at least not in louisa
  6. well i'm a jazz/hip hop dancer so i've already got the music there for me, but when i work out(not as much as i'd like too) i like to listen to ozzy-black sabbath some old heavy stuff-well what used to be considered heavy! well pretty much anything to get me pumped. the wizard is a pretty pumped tune! one of my faves.i can't really think of much right off the top of my head.
  7. when i work out i listen to whatever the gym's playing... i'm NEVER organized enough to bring my own music!

    but usually some bangin' techno with a nice rolly bassline gets me sweatin' more than usual :)
  8. I like it loud and hard when I workout. It can be range of artists as long as it's loud and hard!
  9. ill second loud and hard for sure!
  10. Damn am I the only one that listens to rap when they work out? I've been working out at least 2 hours minimum everyday for a while now..DMX is my favorite to while boxing or lifting...Somethin about him thats just different.

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