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Working while high...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazengamer, May 15, 2010.

  1. Do you recommend it???

    Right now i'm just trying to keep my work and recreational activities separate... but I read about how weed make work fun for people... is this true? what's your experience?

    PS I work at a Staples selling electronics with require alot of face to face time... with this should I try it?
  2. That's up to you and how well you think you can preform your task high. Everyone is different.
  3. I'm usually functional under the influence... but my eyes get baked quick, I figure visine can talk care of that.

    But I was just wondering if anyone does it and how they go about doing it without it being noticeable
  4. you just act the same? lol things arent noticable if they dont change so, if you can do as well high as not high then go high. Otherwise they may notice, employers look for shit like that.
  5. Nobody can really answer this but you, because it really depends on the job, bosses, etc..

    If you're a lifeguard I'd say NO but if you're flippin burgers I'd ask why you haven't started already.
  6. Well i used to work as a bagger and i would always get better tips when i was high because i was very talkative and wanted to hear everyone's story.
  7. I've done it, but I do it everyday to class too so I don't know.
  8. I sit in a kiosk, listen to music, solve sudokus, and make the occassional snowcone. Doesn't get much easier when I go in after smoking. :D
  9. I don't go to work stoned or smoke at work because I work with way too much stuff that could hurt me...Plus it makes it that much more rewarding when you come home and blaze...
  10. I worked at an IT help desk so I also had a lot of face to face time. I was once trying to explain to a woman why the hard drive in her machine died and I just blanked mid sentance. I couldn't even think of what I was saying previously or was going to say next. It effects everyone differently.

  11. I've smoked with employees, AFTER work. If I caught someone working for me high, drunk, or in any other way intoxicated during working hours they'd be canned.
  12. well, for me, since i work at one of the largest shipping companies in the world, not ups, i blaze with my coworkers in the parking lot before work all the time, my job is very simple, and enjoyable high, i get to mess around and work at the same time, but i also have the ability to handle myself in public under the influence because i have been doing it for a while, i think it all depends on your mental state of mind, like think to your self that everything is normal and stay calm and its ok.
  13. I too am a very functional smoker, but I wouldn't smoke before work. Maybe a hit or two from a bowl while I'm getting ready or an hour before if I'm feeling under the weather or depressed, but I would never get baked before work. With me, I sometimes get super relaxed, super nostalgic, very talkative, very spacy, very quiet and "zoned". You may not think anything of it, but it could indeed affect your performance.

    I used to get zooted before class, now I just hit the blunt a couple times to help curb my anxiety and stimulate my mind, and save the rest for a "treat" afterwards.
  14. It's got nothing to do with whether you're functional or not. It's got everything to do with being paid to work, not party. The two should be separate things.

    I know that when I had staff I expected them to be mature and responsible professionals at work, not stoners. After work is another matter.

  15. it really depends on how high you get... i can blaze and walk into work 5 mins later and no one will ever notice, but my friend who smokes probably couldnt do it if he walked in 2 hours later.

    It really comes down to whether or not you think you can do it. if you dont believe you can pull it off, dont do it. even if you have 1% doubt. cause that 1% will quickly turn into 100% as soon as paranoia gets ahold of you...

    The key to acting sober anywhere doing anything is either being sober or having the confidence and the mental state of mind that your not going to get caught, and you have to act chill... otherwise your gonna quickly go from walking into work like :smoking: to :eek:.
  16. :rolleyes: You really don't sound like you are trying, you sound like you want encouragement to do something you probably shouldn't.:D

    Then you will be able to start a new "My life sucks, I just got fired. " thread.:wave:
  17. exactly. Most the people I work with smoke and most of them come in stoned and smoke on their breaks. I think its bad work ethic. I mean it doesn't really effect their work habits, but its far from professional. Plus I dont feel too safe with some dude driving my forklift with a 2 ton pallet on it, when hes intoxicated. Just don't do it.
  18. well i started blazing from the time i started working at my place. So i made my first impression to everyone there while high. They just accepted me as that wierd guy that walks funny.
    so i guess your coworkers may notice your acting a little strange, but not the customers.
  19. I would have to respectfully disagree with you on this. As long as the job gets done I wouldn't have any problem with an employee being high (assuming they didnt just do a half-ass job). Who says you cant get high and work - seems more like a stereotype that will be perpetuated by the fact that no one will let a person get high and work to prove themselves. However, i have never had the responsibility of hiring staff so.....:rolleyes:
  20. i know where both of you are coming from.

    when i go to work high, i always try to work harder then i normally do for some reason. 1. gives them no reason to think that im high, and 2. it makes me look like a better worker. even though im high, they dont know, they just think im workin hard:wave:

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