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Working while high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SpaceMonkey420, Jan 19, 2014.

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    So do I and I would never blaze before lol. My sup used to be a fuckin drug cop and my desk is like 15 feet away from him. I do tech support in a call center so I have to be focused when I work because we get some bullshit. I've been in drunk once or twice but that was at 5AM and a Saturday so my first call wasn't for a few hours and I sobered up. Something I'll never do again lol. Happened by complete accident. Was drinking the night before and just woke up drunk lol.

  2. yeah man, true story:
    i work as a bartender and last night i had a shift from 3pm to 12am.. i smoke a fat bowl before i went in my room, went to work highhh and had a fucking great time,, colleagues thought nothing of it and the only person who realised i was stoned could tell only by my eyes.. so just dont act like your on crack when youre working and just be normal (as possible) then i went out on my break at 730 smoked 2 fat bowls then went to work again and went out for another break at 1045 and smoked a blunt to get me through the last of my shift. 9 hours flew by and i had a fucking great time inteacting with the customers.. was a bit weird me being high and the customers being drunk.. lol but we got along well.. so a guy won the slot machine and came to collect the money from the cash register and he offered to buy us all a drink.. then after the shift i stayed in the pub and drank the free drink with some friends, then had another bowl just before bed to get me to sleep nicely and really unwind from the day.. overall its a pretty fun experience working when high.. something everyone should do atleast once in their lives!!
  3. I work in a tire shop all day and I smoke before....its mindless labor changing and fixing tires all day but I just zone out and the time flies bySent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. I would quote u As Above So Below but I don't know how to. I think it depends what your doing and the person as well. I work in sales so imo it helps.
  5. Unless you have a way to sustain that high then about 2-4 hours into the shift you will regret your decision.

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  6. All my friends do this. He hides in the back and eats grapes lol

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  7. Just remember eye drops

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  8. sometimes I bring an edible and eat a little around lunch so the second half of the day is interesting.. I work night shift as well but I operate machines so I try not to get too high haha
  9. Yes do it, let all of our answers influence you
  10. Peer pressure is your friend. Smoke weed.

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  11. Depends what I'm doing. If it's a big client/heavy workday no... if it's a long, boring ass day where I'm doing catch up work and shit, yeah I'll have a wake and bake which usually takes me till 10am (I'm up at like 6:30) and a couple bowls at lunch when I go home. 
  12. yes smoke before work. Saturdays I work two jobs 8-12 and 2-9. lets just say I find time to smoke before during and after. I love it

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  13. Depends really....

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  14. I have always gone to work high. I've never told anyone that! I'm usually always high. No one knows

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  15. I cook steaks for old people ...better believe I'm fucking stoned.
  16. i smoke all day everyday at work errecting/dissmantleing scaffold always hiiiiigh :D:D:D

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  17. I'm a shift lead at a sandwich shop and everyday before work I wake and bake with my vaporizer. And by the time i get to work, i'm BLAZED..... I love i how can get mad ripped and function properly, no one knows I am, because in all reality, who cares if someones high, i'm not gonna call the cops on them, would you?
  18. I used to work retarded blazed when I was younger. Before during after.

    so high everyone just knew you were blazed. Customers would either look disgusted, confused, or smirk.

    sometimes I felt like a rock. I hated that job though had to be that stoned to get through it.
  19. Makes it go slower. I used to work at a grocery store but usually front end. I only smoked a couple times before goin in because I hated dealing with all the customers while high. Especially when the register would stop working all the time. I'd much rather smoke after my shift so I can enter full chill mode

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    It depends on how you handle it.  Some people it becomes very obvious (atleast to stoners) and others you have no clue.  I used to work at chickfila and i would smoke all the time before work, and one day we had a new owner come in and my eyes were red as fuck, it was early in the morning, hadn't even opened yet, and he talks to me and is all cool.  I didnt know my eyes were red, but my buddy told me after he got done chatting w/ me,haha.  But other than the red eyes, I acted 100% normal, so he had no way of knowing, and if they dont expect you to be high, its even easier to get away with. Also if they ask why you look funny or something like that, just say you have been feeling under the weather.  Its a legit excuse, and it makes you look a lil better, since you are sick and still working. 
    I also like smoking at chickfila b/c when I would see the long lines in drive through (wrapped around the building) and a ton of people inside, I felt like I was going into battle, and it was a fun challenge.  I was a supervisor of the kitchen and responsible for making the orders, and I was the best one there and they had no clue, haha.  One time we did 160 cars in drive through in 1 hour, plus all the people inside.  High as a kite, my boys!!

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