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  1. Hey guys.

    So over the last couple of months I have started smoking before working out. I have found a huge increase in cardio since starting. Anyome else have any luck with this? Any stories to share?

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    While Im old now, I still workout at a high level. Though I have my limits.

    When I used to run races in the 80s, I would quit weed for months at a time, and my times would always get better, when I didn't smoke. Smoking also made me less tolerant to pain, and made me give up easier.
    1 time my mile time went down almost 1 minute in a month of not smoking. 5:30 mile, to a 4:40. I was training for the Dayton Daily News River Run II 8.6 miler in 1980. Ran a 46:33. Derrek Rose won in 41:09. He was also world record holder in the half marathon. 1:02:36

    Did I ever smoke before lifting, and running??

    Yep, all the time, but I also know that when I would quit for an extended period, my times got faster. I would also work the high off after a while, if I exercised long enough. Lifts also got better. Recuperation was better.

    Always kept my heart rate elevated at rest. Probably 10 beats. When I didint smoke my heart rate would go down to 39bpm. High 40s, low 50s when I smoked.
  3. See, i can lift more and run longer when high. I take more pain if i smoke first. I dont even like to workout without smoking at this point. Its interesting how everyone differs thanks for sharing.

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  4. I’m high 24/7 walk/jog 3-6 miles a day, 100 pushups a day, and have a physical job. 41 years old and I run circles around co workers even multitasking.
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  5. AND STILL GBD every evening after it all!
  6. I find it helps most with stretching - better focus and concentration.
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  7. Yes i love streching high.

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  8. I don't really do it.
    Largely because if I get stoned...I don't want to go in the first place.
    I've done it before.
    Edibles end it before it's even begun. Cant concentrate or keep any kind of pace.
    Joint/vape before...if I can just rock a moderate high, yes I do see that cardio rates tend to go up...though the weights seem like heavier/harder to use. Probably psychological.
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    That’s right trophy holder right here, no participation rewards on my mantle.
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  10. Yeah I feel it's easier to ignore the pain when doing cardio when high. Weed gives me more willpower.

    It also helps me with isolation exercises as it gives me a stronger mind-muscle connection.
  11. I smoke afterwards, because when I smoke before my muscles relax too much for me to be productive.
  12. As a decades old occasional smoker, in winter I consume before skiing recreational moguls and am exceptionally smooth and efficient when high although that does not relate to strength and endurance.

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