Working out while stoned

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  1. Today I woke up around 9:30 am, had a shower, ate breakfast, brushed my teeth and then smoked a few bongs. Then I went and listened to some music, texted a few friends and then I decided to work out, lifted some weights, did some push-ups and sit ups. After working out I felt so much better and before the work out I was burning out and now I feel as high as I did 45 minutes ago, it's awesome. :bongin:

    As anyone had similar experiences or bad experiences while exercising stoned?
  2. Yeah I don't know how you do it man haha. I've tried smoking before heading to the gym and most of the time I can't even finish my workout. My muscles get really relaxed and I can't get any good reps and then after awhile I just say "fuck it" and go home lol

    But hey, if it works for you then keep that shit up. Your experience sounds a lot more pleasant than mine haha
  3. Damn, I wish I could do that to!!!

    I get so dead and can't do anything, gotta wait till after for me:cool:
  4. Yea I defiantly wouldn't want to go to a gym, that would be burn out. I just use the equipment I have here at my house, it's way more chill. And I only probably worked out for 20 minutes, so it's not like I was doing anything hardcore lol
  5. Taking a nice run in nature sounds like it'd be fun while high.
    The closest thing to a workout I've done while stoned would be frisbee golf
  6. Ahh ok haha I guess that's a little bit different. Props anyway for not being a lazy bum lol
  7. gotta smoke the stains that make give ya that "up and hyper" kinda high
  8. Reggae Music + Soccer + Sativa = :yay:

  9. Try vaping?
  10. i enjoy shooting hoops while high, and fighting with my friends (wrestling, body boxing) but thats just me lol. i worked out while high, and it sucked ass, i could barely lift any weight at all and it burned my muscles like shit lol.
  11. Yoga while stoned. gaarharha;fjka
    And nature explorations of course

  12. Wtf I can't possibly fight when I'm baked... I wouldn't fight high if someone paid me a million dollars lol :wave:

    Def. yoga = deeper meditation! :smoking:

  13. Is the "gaarharha;fjka" a good thing, or a bad thing?

    I've only done yoga while high, and it was fucking awesome, let me tell you. :hello: I really did feel higher afterwards, and I was riding high for the next two hours. Even when I'm sober, I definitely feel some kind of high after exercise.

    My next mission is to swim when I'm high. I've always wanted to try that. :D
  14. I guess I'm weird but I enjoy working out stoned. I actually find that I can do more reps high than sober. And I know what you mean about feeling high afterwards, the pounding heart and rush of blood through the body after finishing a hard set is a pretty sweet feeling.
  15. being high messes with my motor skills to much
  16. I workout every day I do the p90x program and i always toke up before doing it. Works great for me. :smoke:
  17. I can work out while high... it's pretty fun. Of course if I smoke a ridiculous amount then couchlock sets in and working out is out of the question. I enjoy playing sports high, but I tend to do a lot worse than while sober.
  18. I've never tried it but my friend who works out a ton does it once in a while and really enjoys it. I'll try it someday if I ever get my ass back to the gym.
  19. swimming is my favourite exercise while high
    i like to get high, drink a beer and eat some chicken right after i get back from the gym, as you can see in my home video------->[ame=]YouTube - Arnold smokes a joint[/ame]

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