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Working out while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokeyMcBlunt, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Fun?




    Instant death?

    Now seriously, does it have any unhealthy effects on your body? And is it an overall good experience?
  2. Is it unhealthy, no. Would I do it, no. Once you start sweating the high goes away and then you're just left sweaty thinking about how you wasted that bowl pack. I've done it before, I just recommend doing it after.

    Edit: And if you're real stoned, your technique may be off, and in some workouts doing the technique wrong can injure. i.e pulling/straining a muscle
  3. I get extra high when I smoke and then get my heart rate up.
  4. i've done it once. i also took a pre workout (1mr). the session pretty much took away my high; so it wasn't anything special. you should save your bud for after, when its good to relax your muscles.
  5. Fuck that, But if you need to get sober real quick then go ahead :D
  6. I tried to play basketball high...wasnt really jumping on my jump shots haha, but i Have known people who vape before working out. its not that bad
  7. I would go to football practice high in school. And one day I went the fuck off when I was high.
  8. ya i feel like dying lol when i smoke then workout lol wait til after like before you shower cuz showering stoned is soo relaxing especially if your realy hot and u take a cold ass shower

    Edit: as for above ya i did that all the time but it was ok only cuz we went over offense all the time and i was OLB and when i was high i hit people sooooooo hard lol good times thanks for bringing back old memories man ^
  9. Why work out when you're going to get the munchies?
  10. i never work out after JUST Smoking but i workout all the time after smoking 1 hour prior. i mean maybe the first few workouts i felt slightly more tired but really i can't even tell a difference anymore it's just working out like any other day
  11. Well from personal experience... Cardio is not fun at all but messing around with the equipment or riding a bike is hella fun... Although thats only 2 years of BMX/Skating, 1 year of scootering, and 4 years of HS Phys Ed, so not a very knowledgeable response... I would just say work out and have fun, Mountain bike, ski, kayak, dont go to a boring old gym
  12. Why does sweating make your high go away? Like what's the science behind it?
  13. lol just ur metabolism increasing so your body rids itself of toxins etc quickly
  14. ya sweating is lame while blazed unless im playing frisbee or something entertaining I don't. I like to smoke after working out cause then you feel twice as good.
  15. I break personal records high, so Yes. I enjoy it.

    Really disconnects you from the pain.
  16. I lift my freeweights in my spare time, usually smoke before and after.

    Doesn't interfere, doesn't enhance. It feels good to notice yourself getting stronger and being able to outperform yourself, regardless of how much one smokes.
  17. Since I take my workouts seriously and their intense, no, I don't do it.

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