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Working out while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Rikardolz, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. So the other day i met my friend at the gym, and he was completely stoned, his eyes were about to explode.. Anyways he said it gives him energy and that he had more stamina and stregth...

    I smoke too, im just wondering if thats possible? I mean i know your not going to become a super human.
  2. My workouts consist of going to the fridge, opening the door, and lifting the remote.

  3. I'm actually about to go play soccer right now, and of course, I'm gonna smoke a nice J that I'm twisting up.

    At least for me, there aren't any negative effects of being high and working out. I get hella into the game, and often I feel that I have plenty of energy.

    But.. sometimes the high's are different, and sometimes you'll be lethargic after smoking. So idk, it's up to you. I'd experiment with it if I were you.
  4. It helps me when I'm like running or riding a bike because it just seems that time passes by faster and I'm more easily distracted by other things.
  5. I don't really like it. I always lose count of what set/rep i am on.

    Much better to relax with a j later. I have a much better "push" when im sober.
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    yeah one of my friends always smokes befroe he workks out. He will smoke then go to the gym. A few times he would smoke and then do like 800 pushups within an hour or 2. He says being high gives him a better mindset and motivation to do what hes doing. Which is true, because the fuck can bench 300 pounds a=now after going to the gym everyday for 5 years.

    edit: I cant workout high though. I feel like relaxing after i burn, not exercising.
  7. I'm thinking about playing soccer while high this summer, do you stay high the whole time or does adrenaline take over?
  8. I'm super nonathletic, but my best friend is on the track team. He and his friends loooove to blaze and go play a game of soccer on the weekend. It's like their hobby after the school week. He also claimed the best game of football he played in high school was after smoking before the game and being super blazed.
  9. I smoke afterwards to kind of reward myself and chill out. (Sounds like im a special kid, but fuck, it works :D) I always like to do work or workout then smoke a J or whatever afterwards. Rewards are good.
  10. When I ran cross country in high school I found that smoking before would allow me to zone out and keep eyes on the next person I'll pass. I got my best times by far when I toked up before race my senior year. I have asthma so the thc helps as a bronchial dilator and takes some of that nervousness/anxiety away. Nowadays I'll hit some green and go for a run and get into the songs and I can keep going for 10+ miles. I do workout high too. The idea is to get more of a heavy buzz, otherwise, it's a lot of smoke and it might suck to workout or run.
  11. my parents house is on top of a steep hill and way back when, when my weed habit grew and i started smoking on school days i would go on these "runs" to get out of the house :D (my mom was always suspicious)

    basically i would get my shoes and shorts on, run down my hill and meet up with this chick me and my friends always partied with, we'd smoke up, chill for a bit and then i'd run back up

    the run itself was not long, only about 10 minutes but as i said it was steep the real challenge being the very last stretch, which is about a 35-40% grade incline and goes for about 200 the time i would get to the top of that id be seeing stars and my legs would feel like rubber. my head was always hot as fuck and my blood pressure was threw the roof especially cause of the weed..

    but right away i would jump in the shower and turn it all the way cold which would immediately lower my blood pressure and fucking shock me awake! (actually that was another challenge in and of itself) my vision would clarify and after leaving the shower i always entered a profound sense of peace..i was still high, my body had endured incredible strain, heat, and cold all within a span of 20 minutes but i was now clean, breathing normally and very very comfortable:smoke:

    in fact i kinda wanna do it now:rolleyes:...but ya personally i love smoking and then being active, im always playing better high than when im sober

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