Working Out While High?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by KurplePush, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. So I generally workout about 5-6 times per week, and other active activities as well.

    To be honest I hate working out, and only do it to shrug off some of the guilt I get when toking and to become a lot healthier and stronger as well.

    Working out has been apart of my lifestyle for about 2 years or so now, and I have yet to wonder, does working out high make everything go a lot smoother if I were determined enough to workout instead of eat and kick back when Im high?
  2. I have always found that working out high is fun because it allows me to concentrate on my form and technique as opposed to pushing out reps. Also it seems that i can feel every individual muscle working and it feels great just knowing that im getting stronger by breaking down my muscles.

    Running high or doing cardio for me SUCKS. Also i find the more i blaze the less motivated i am to lift and get a proper workout. When i take a long break from MJ i am able to focus more on getting ripped and i find i can push out more weight every day and when i blaze more i just get lazy and tend to take it easy.
    Its all in moderation i suppose
  3. I cant lift stoned but running high is the shit. I love vaping to the point I am retarded then going for a trail run. I kind of trance out and can push through the pain really well although its bad sometimes cause I tend to over extend myself and my legs feel like shit the next day.
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  4. i smoke before and after a workout... i workout in the morn before eating, so its my wake and bake essentially... then i workout and get just owned for 2 hours (30-45 mins treadmill) and stretching in sauna... idk... they mix well...
  5. I usually don't try to smoke and then go work out.. I'll tend to blaze and then think, "I should go work out a little later," and then when I come down I'll go for a run or something and be set for the rest of the day. :cool:

    Sometimes it works a little better if I go to the gym in the morning.
  6. Now, I don't really like working out stoned.

    It's okay. In some instances, I'm feeling so great that I feel like I can lift a lot more.

    But, really... smoking AFTER a hard workout is the best! Get yo' swell on sober, then go blaze. Then take a hot ass shower. Then maybe beat it. Great fuckin' combo right there.

    But yeah, depending on the workout type, it can be fun. I get kinda breathless and my endurance kind of fails me. :p

  7. it depends on the weed... a heavy indica makes me run slower but at higher (as much as thats possible) inclines.... running stoned is hard...

    a sativa on the other hand gives infnite energy... and a trippy run if you want...

    ive run a 20 min 5k on a sativa and been happy

    same with 6 min mile...

    cant do either with an indica to be honest
  8. Working out high is my best kept secret, haha.

    I play lacrosse at a D1 school and after years of regimented dieting and strict workout programs that constantly fluctuate from intense to get bored and find yourself just 'going through the motions'...At that point your workouts are merely to shed a few calories and clear your conscious...but when I'm high on a strong, uplifting sativa I preform better than any pre-w/o supplement I've ever taken.

    I added a carbon catcher to my bong in order to reduce tar...I've never had any problems getting high and running 4-5 miles.
  9. haha bro i do the same thing, 1 month after vaping and not smoking any more and my lungs were back in shape for me to run again.
  10. hahah I find it way easier to run while high. easier to breath somehow and you don't get tired out
  11. But I've got to have a lemon drop or something in my mouth throughout -- otherwise cotton mouth can really screw me up.
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  12. Working out high is hard for me when I'm at home, I always get sidetracked. If I'm high I'll go to the gym and get a pretty good workout, it always goes by faster for me. I never do cardio when I'm high because I smoke blunts alot and it makes me out of breath after running for 20 seconds.
  13. uhh no.

    the gym is where you gotta get your mind off everything, and just concentrate on working out.

    you can wait on your joints and blunts for an hour
  14. It's not a matter of not being able to wait, it's a matter of preferring to work out high. Concentration is more intense.
  15. i wouldnt smoke a lot before you go to the gym. just take a few hits. when you have a little buzz going on its great. unless your not in the mood to workout. multivitamins can change that though.
  16. I smoke before I work out all the time. It affects me differently each time. Lifting while high is always fun, but running high can either be just OK or it can be ridiculously awesome. The one thing I really can't do most of the time is play sports high, especially if they require a lot of strategy.
  17. Working out high is pretty difficult for me if I'm using heavier weights. I remember dumbbell benching 60's after hitting my buddies roor. I Lied back, lifted them 4 inches, started laughing, couldn't control my breathing, and finally had to just drop em.

    I think it's my form that's been letting me lift weights I can barely hold so being high and fucking up my breathing or movements really fucks up my workouts. Never realized how important breathing was until then either, I noticed every time I needed an extra push to get the weight up I would take another breath and push it out along with the weight.
  18. I have worked out on all scales of the high, Honestly the only real negative is over lifting while high which hurts by the time you sober up.
  19. I must try and workout high, I always tend to separate smoking and working out to different time of the day. Will report back.
  20. I have been going to the gym high lately, on different levels from just smoked a j to a bowl to comming down, and i hate it. Ijust get sidetracked and forget what i wanted to do next...i think its time for a t-break

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