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Working out While High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ipirical, Apr 6, 2009.

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    I made a post like this in General, but it got removed or something.

    Anyways, I decided to try to working out while high, so I went for a run. I usually only run 30 minutes cause I get so bored, but this time I ran 45 minutes! It was soo good, I was just in the zone and rocking out, AND got a good workout out of it.

    I decided to try this after I saw those videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking a joint, pumping iron, and then smoking another joint and eating a huge steak.

    I'm guessing not much research has been done in this area, but what are the affects of running while high? .. I mean, the very fat cells that you are burning off are being pumped full of THC at the same time --> what does this do? :S

    reference: [ame=""][/ame]

    Anyways, best run of my life i think. :S
  2. Working out when you high is the bomb. I love to smoke some chronic and go for a run. I just turn on my ipod and just go.
  3. All your doing is burning off your high... THC releases through sweat, so theres one way your losing your high, not to mention burning off the fat cells that the THC is in...

    Whenever I work out after I smoke the high very quickly dissipates. In fact, I've even noticed walking a little after smoking will reduce the high. Basically, physical exercise is the worst enemy of a Cannabis high... But if your not into getting "fucked up" as much, and enjoy running while high, go ahead. Just remember, exercise while your high will make the high last half as long.
  4. Might make the high go away quicker but I really haven't noticed. I love running, biking, lifting, etc. while stoned. As long as you have some jams that is.
  5. I'm still too fat to run too far, but I like hitting the bike at the gym when I'm high. Like the OP, I'll start going and before I know it 45 minutes has passed. I also try to do this at night so I can watch Craig Ferguson while biking. He's fkn hilarious.

    I have a friend who was a D-1 track athlete and he claims that smoking increases your lung capacity. I have absolutely no clue if that is true, though.
  6. If your doing serious lifting...being high is an awful idea, I've tried it and failed horribly.
  7. I used to run track and cross country in hs and college. theres no way in hell smoking anything increases lung compacity. However I think running after smoking well definite help clear shit out of your lungs, therefore smokers who run are healhtier then other smokers but not other runners haha.
  8. I lift weights all the time high, it's not really that bad of an idea. Me and my friend both smoke up then spot each other. Plus I don't get tired of lifting as quickly and can get more done.
  9. buzzzzkillll
  10. The only time ive been really high while working out was after about 3 hours of a never ending sativa high. I ran like 4 miles and did about an hour of lifting.... still high. Anyway thats the exception to the rule. Every other time ive worked out high (not a normal thing but the two mix every once in a while) ive just stopped being high. I LOVE (and highly recomend) working out and then smoking afterwards. U have the whole runners high thing going + the actualy being high lol. Also u dont have to worry about what you eat because you just worked out. :D
  11. i do that,get high before workout, after workout take a few more hits than i eat a lot cuz of munchies...but if im not high i feel soo fuckin sore
  12. I've always boxed the car before going in the gym, i have the mindset that it is a performance enhancing drug, and, for me, it actually really helps.

    but i think it also counts as one of those things i do when i'm stoned that i dont notice. like, i'm usually high about 89% of my day to be honest, and there are a lot of things and activities that i do while im high, mainly because i'm just high all the time. i dont know.
  13. I tried working out max baked once with one of my buddies. We blazed a cannon then went at some freeweight benchpress, mistakes. We just ended up laughin at each other because he was spotting me and somehow lifting the bar was a thrilling experience while baked. I find you gotta work out by yourself or you'll start doing random shit lol

  14. amen.
  15. kills my high....
  16. Nahh... dont smoke weed when at the gym get on the amphetamines you will run like a rat on a wheel
  17. THC metabolites (the leftovers AFTER it gets you high) are excreted through urine, feces, and sweat. The active form of THC is not secreted at all until it's metabolised.
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    Well, I'm a boxer so I run everyday in the morning. One of the worst enemys of a boxer is laziness, which is what bud makes you do, be lazy. I'm a pothead, which means I have to combine workouts and smoking a lot. SO wut do i do? workout high.

    For my sport, it makes me concentrate more. When I'm high and my coach tells me to spar with other boxers in my gym, I perform better, especially concentrating where the punches are coming from, then countering. They say weed makes you have less concentration, but only on certain things, so I'm just another boxer that workouts high LOL.:smoke::smoke::smoke: Oh and no, weed doesn't make my running endurance decrease, instead increasing it.
  19. Yea i have found that when i get stoned and go to the gym its a little more difficult to lift weights and it makes you lose your high really fast. Running is different i suppose but i work alot and when i try to stay stoned working outside all day i gotta smoke every hour and its good bud.
  20. Buzzkill. But very enjoyable. Playing a pick up game of basketball is great blazed

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