Working out While High

Discussion in 'General' started by Ipirical, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, I recently saw those videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking joints and pumping iron then smoking another joint then eating steaks.

    Here is a short vid, just for reference..[ame=""]YouTube - Arnold smokes a joint[/ame]

    So today I decided to try this but I wasn't lifting weights, I went for a run. Usually when I go for a run, I just run for 30 minutes cause I get so bored after that. But today, I ran for 45 minutes, cause I was so baked. It just felt like I was on cruise control and was rocking out with my music.

    I know THC is stored in fat cells, so are there any different effects of burning fat while those same cells are having THC pumped into them? .. I don't think there has been much research in this subject, but I find it very interesting.

    And what about the actual smoking weed of itself, does that burn or lose calories? ..

    BTW, I suggest this to everyone, not sure about the affects, but it feels like I just had the best run of my life!
  2. I can't comment on the physiological effects but psychologically it's pertinent for me to be high when I work out.

    I just don't feel motivated when I'm sober.
  3. Agreed. I prefer to do any physical laboring while high. Hiking while high is bad ass

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