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  1. I see lots of topics around the internet about smoking after a workout, but what about while working out?

    Ive been smoking socially (maybe once or twice a month) for 2 years. However, my best friend from back home is now living with me, and I have started smoking weed with her daily. Its just so much fun to smoke up. I've been doing that for about 1.5 months. I have cut back the smoking however to evenings only, and will only have 1 or 2 joints. Sometimes 0.

    I don't want to rely on weed but it has improved my life quite a bit. Its done the complete opposite of making me lazy. I smoke and become super productive. I clean, I get my chores done, work on my book, create things, come up with brilliant, fun ideas and workout. I still need my sober time to do things properly however, like excel at my job and learn (reading books, online, browsing forums, etc etc)

    Anyway, I have always been into fitness and never had a problem with it. Ive recently changed up my routine however. Ive seen videos (while high) of incredibly strong gymnasts and people on youtube and I have decided I want to look/be strong like them and peruse that path, something I had been thinking about for over a year. So Ive shelved my p90x. Shelved my weights, and took up calisthenics training. for the past 1.5 weeks Ive been pushing it hardcore. 2.5-4 hours a day of biking, running, push ups, pull ups and whatever moves I can do at the local parks. Results in just a week have been phenomenal. Im stronger, faster, less tired, more energetic. Everything is awesome.

    My only deal is that I have done almost every workout while high. If im high I focu soley on my goal, gaining muscle. This means I push myself to the max. I don't get lazy and do every workout. Even right now im not motivated to go workout, but Im going to smoke a joint and suddenly i will remember why im doing this and will get working out.

    So my question is, what, if any, are the negatives while working out high? I will still be able to build muscle right? Ive read that you dont produce testosterone while high? I can sort of feel that in my workouts, but I just listen to music, which combined with weed, which will produce tons of adrenaline in my body and keep me fired up. But ultimately I want to build muscle, not just lose bodyfat from cardio.

    Ive already discovered Yoga is amazing while high, but only for the first 10 mins, then gets boring. I cant lift weights when im high, because I can never properly judge my fatigue and will overlift, pulling muscles which set me back days. with Calisthenics however, I can push my self to the limits. I never pull a muscle. I just fail and collapse. I can stay focused and crank out what I need to. So far I've only done one of these extreme workouts while sober, and it was under perfect conditions (right mood, no work the next day, no plans, no stress). If im doing it on an everyday weeknight where I have stuff to do and have to worry about work in the morning, the weed helps soo much.

    Ultimately my goal is to get my body to adapt to this new extreme routine and hopefully after a month, stop smoking for workouts and only sometimes socially on the weekends. I hate having to rely on weed to do anything.
  2. i wouldnt say there are any negatives, i feel the same, working out while high gets me in the zone, also its slightly pain killing so that helps too :) dont worry about it, i get my best workout while high :D

    although id wait atleast half an hour after smoking to work out, so your blood pressure can get back to normal and your muscle can recieve max oxygen, as smoking tempoarily messes with these things

    im sure you can do it without,
  3. I have a theory that working out while high delays the brain signaling effects of lactic acid build up, allowing more potential reps to be pushed out.

    When I worked out high I would be able to do a substantial increase in reps than when not high.
  4. Its the best you get so focused.
  5. is that even a good thing? I'm not expert but I think doing too many reps can damage your muscles.
  6. Man, I tried doing cardio high and it was the worst. I felt like sitting my ass down. lol

  7. Uh no.

    You don't gain super human just may not have to stop as early as you would due to the burning sensation of lactic acid.

    The reps required for substantial muscle damage (not microtears) would be tremendous.
  8. Nothing wrong with it at all, I do it all the time and still managed to get a decent build.
  9. My best workouts are when I'm high and fucking pumped and in the zone with music.

    I can push myself a lot further when I'm high and it makes it way funner as well

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