Working out while High, My experience.

Discussion in 'General' started by Brantley, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. After reading many forums and debates about working out while high, I noticed the answers were about half and half good and bad. So I decided to give it a try! The weed I have now is AMAZING Indica, since it was Indica I was wondering if I would get tired or not. Anyways, I planned for the whole day to make sure I had optimal energy. Got 9 hrs sleep, stayed hydrated, ate meals, etc..

    So, 15 minutes before my workout I had one scoop of my Pre-workout supplement. I went outside, packed my one hitter twice and got 4 hits. I got pretty high. For my workout, I did an intense cardio workout. It was an hour of Plyometrics, I do the P90x workout plan. Anyways, my high lasted for about 35 minutes, during the workout the weed helped me think about other things instead of focusing on the pain of the workout so bad. I did the ENTIRE workout and felt amazing afterwards. The come down off the high was great, the last 25 minutes of my workout was amazing. I felt ecstatic afterwards.

    tl;dr - Took 4 hits before an hour long workout, worked wonderful, will do it again.
  2. good job man :)
  3. Nice man, I've worked out great on some nice energetic sativas, but indicas always throw my workout, all I wanna do is chill, and I get distracted wayyy to easy.

    I also don't feel comfortable with lifting 400+ lbs on my back high as balls, haha!
  4. Benching high is such a buzzkill, I always think i will kill myself if i drop it.

  5. benching sober though is the fucking best. definitely my favorite exercise. :hello:
  6. Hahaha I wouldn't bench that much either high!! Tonight I have a shoulders & arms workout which mainly involves dumbells..Imma toke up for that too

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