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Working out high

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ApexHigh, May 19, 2010.

  1. does any one else work out high?
  2. i dont work out high or sober, but sometimes ill do physical activities high. once i was baked at school and me and my friend played basketball with these kids and fuckin owned them.
  3. I usually work out a lot when I run out of weed. When I smoke I never feel like working out.
  4. Never tried working out high, but a few weeks ago me and my mate worked out whilst drunk. the time inside the gym just flew by!
  5. that cant be good for u
  6. sounds like it would be hilarious though
  7. i do it alot. I get really into, it's pretty fun sometimes.
  8. I have before, its alot more fun when youre with a friend whos high too but neither of you know youre both high till half way in....lulz were had lemme tell ya
  9. i dont mind bein high when i work out but i like to smoke a nice far bowl pack after its a great cool down for me
  10. I LOVE working out high. I always feel motivated. It's like I can feel the burn way more intensely, but it's easy to ignore.
  11. I find if you do it with a friend you stand at the bench press and look at each other just fucken laughing for no apparent reason. The mere fact that your in public max baked attempting to work out is just ridiculos enough. If you go solo you can end up being there till you burn out- so smoke hella :hello:
  12. are all of you baked or are you not righting correctly on purpose?
    Not tryin to be a dick but most of your sentences dont make sense at certian points, idk but its irritating me.....
  13. #13 I~Rok~Donks, May 20, 2010
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    i work out at least 4x a week, the burn is not as intense feels pretty good.....

    also smoking right after a workout is nice too.....
  14. i used too, till i realized everytime i toked before any strenuous activity, about ten minutes later, my high is either gone or not intense. so i found it pointless to waste a grav or hit before a work out.
  15. I haven't worked out in, god i don't even remember. Last time I was on a sports team in HS i guess.
    Hard to get motivated when i have a metabolism that burns food before I even get to taste it :eek:
  16. I love smoking after the gym or running. Your bloods still pumping and i always feel like i get baked as shit off so little. try it, its amazing!!!!
  17. i like to vape and then go for a jog like an hour later. or smoke after jogging.......or both:)
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    Hahaha I'm really debating changing my sig after seeing this one. For so many reasons.

    Oh and this should probably be in the Lifestyle - Health, Fitness, and Nutrition section. I'd assume there's already a significant number of threads on this, plus you'd probably get better responses too.
  19. i've boxed and ran on the treadmill and high and i swear to god you dont get get tired but it feels different, kind of good actually...not the usual im out of breath and feel like dying....
  20. No I do not ...

    I lift weights and shit 3-4 times week and suck dick at it if I'm high, no motviation or strength.

    On that note, I'm going to gym RIGHT MEOW:bolt:

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