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Working out high?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by well, May 31, 2009.

  1. sometimes i work out and smoke a bowl after. i might smoke a bowl before. is this a bad idea?
  2. Not unless you feel it affecting your workout. Sometimes people have a hard time breathing heavily after smoking. Smoking after you work out is fine, I do it all the time, but if you have problems during your workout, hit a vape or have some edibles instead.
  3. i love to lift weights high as hell.
  4. i cant do cardio sober...

    i run about 3 miles high, interval training.... 1 lap intervals... with the treadmill maxed on angle or w.e... and i cant do it without smoking before...

    and it really aides in body awareness for the stretching after
  5. I would deff. do my workouts baked if I had weed most of the time. I can't stand sitting there waiting for the minutes to tick by on the machines...and I have to do cardio. Pretty sure it would help a lot being high.
  6. I can't lift weights high, but my cardio sessions seem like they fly by if I am blazed.
  7. I just hit the gym today after smoking. It makes me much more aware of how I'm lifting, making me slow down and focus on technique rather than reps.
  8. x2:hello:
  9. it makes the workout so much more enjoyable, i hate having to work out not being high
  10. Depends on if I have an indica or a sativa. But I usually can't tell and/or it's a hybrid of the two. So I just go and work out sober and get retarded high afterwards. Smoking after a workout gets me blazed every single time.
  11. blazing before working out is not beneficial at all
    unless you're doing yoga or something like that
    lower blood pressure and less blood circulation results in a very difficult, unexplosive work out
    i know this from first hand experience
    me and my buddy got blazed a couple diffferent occasions before we went to the gym
    and we couldn't hit the same targets
    our arms felt like jello. and i just laughed because the intense amount of lactic acid that flooded my arm.
    most likely hybrids is what i was smokin. maybe indica dominant
    but yeah... if you're smokin bomb enough bud it makes it very difficult to work out
    its hilarious
  12. if i smoke before, my high wears off real quick once i get active....weak.

  13. I find this happens to me with music. I practice much more deliberately and effectively when I'm high. Greater attention to detail :D

  14. ^This
  15. actually i feel after working out, getting high is beneficial to you.
    -correct me if im wrong but- blood flow is increased after smoking
    -with bud increasing your appetite, your more likely to digest more protein thus GET Mo' SWOLE
  16. actually, being blazed lowers blood pressure
    Lowering Of Blood Pressure Achieved Through Use Of Hashish-like Drug
    haven't you noticed it's difficult to get hard when you're REALLY blitzed:p
    it may sometimes increase heart rate though. i know from first hand experience, obviously rofl
    weed makes no sense

    from my experience, marijuana GREATLY effects the user's circulatory system and heart
    i have stopped for a couple weeks (used to smoking chronic all day) and when i start again, i can feel my heart beat intensely fast and hard. i can kinda control it buy breathing slowly and it's not like i tripped out rofl but low blood pressure makes it VERY difficult to work out. low blood pressure is what causes that dizzy feeling when sitting up fast after laying down. dizziness, tired yadadada not good for working out. it's great if you guys want to work out high. me and my buddy had a great time hahah just not the best work out. i'll save the bud i would have blazed before and burn double after.
  17. smoking gets me blazed every single time.
  18. I get high and play basketball swim and run on treadmil.No problems here.Has to be better for you than sitting on the couch eating.
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Arnold Schwarzenegger smoke joints after working out?
  20. haha
    i used to watch pumping iron
    and yes thee is a scene with him smoking a joint
    but he would never smoke before a competition or anything like that
    he would have real trouble flexxing and striking his poses rofl
    or whatever those body builders do
    i doubt he would smoke before a competition or while he was working out

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