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Working out... high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Xanxibar, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Just worked out high for the first time. Maybe I just had a rare experience but I actually liked it. I felt like I was able to focus completely on finishing my routine so I pushed myself harder... I'm trying it again. :smoke:

    So I'm wondering if how many have tried it and what they thought, good or bad?
  2. done it before. Its ill man.. but if u got an indica strain on your hands it can get u lazy as hell.
  3. I like it too. It feels really good to me to be active when im high. I also can focus extremely well.
  4. I work out high every other day, although I do much better sober I don't get as sore If I'm high and get high after.

  5. You're right, it definitely helps my focus.
  6. this is true you can look it up. my friend who smokes (vapes) more than i do is a physical therapist/personal trainer and he told me that because of how relaxed your muscles get when you're high it makes it impossible to tear muscle fibers they just stretch. I used to work out high all the time and it felt great but if i wasnt high i wouldve gotten a much better work out
  7. I like doing anything high so dont ask me :D
  8. I wish I had smoked in High School, it would have made conditioning/weight training/insane running much more fun.

    I kid you not, for a pretty average sized high school, 1500 kids or so) The coach was insane.
    It was like right out of football movies. Good coach though.

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  9. if that is true, then i would never want to work out high..when you lift weights you are breaking down the muscle and tiny tears form in the muslce fibers, and as you recover they heal themselves and that is what makes you get stronger and bigger..if your muscle fibers dont tear a little bit then there would be no gain at all,,,i think im going to have to do some research on almost positive that everything i said was right, i take training pretty seriously so id like to think i know my shit, im guna look around more
  10. Yea if that is the case, I am never working out high again. If your muscles aren't tearing a little bit, then you cannot get stronger. The reason you get stronger is it is your body's way of keeping your muscles from tearing again. B/C to your body, if it builds them stronger it won't happen again.

    We need some credible sources here!

    Happy Toking.:smoke:
  11. yo, smokin smoke real heavy indica after working out is the tits.
  12. #12 sharpstone, Feb 23, 2009
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  13. I enjoy doing things that require me to be active because I usually have fun and get to see cool stuff but I hate working out while high. It harshes my mellow and makes me very aggravated to have to do that stuff when Im high.
  14. It depends on what you're smoking and how much

    It's hard to lift as much weight if you're completely baked.

    At least that's my opinion, but I don't know if an occasional lifter would notice the difference.
  15. I wouldn't worry about working out high. I smoked weed all the time with a dude in high school that was on the football team. He was high 24/7 and got buff.
  16. I go to my football workouts everyday blazed. I get a much better workout. :smoking:

    EDIT: Make sure you bring extra water, working out with cottonmouth sucks.
  17. hell yeah man! i always blow a sweet before the gym, except on leg day, i don't wanna load 405lbs on my back blowed out my mind!
  18. Maybe it may be good for cardiovascular health, or at least doesnt make it worse. Of course your heart is a muscle but it works differently from all your other muscles... Hmm...

    Well when you toke it increases your heart rate, which sends more oxygen throughout your body, which probably makes working out easier.
  19. Personally, When i was in high school, I had a work out class after lunch, and would blaz when we went to get lunch.. Came back and would work out.. I have never hit my max's sober as i do while high..

    I am 125 pounds and was in highschool,
    305 Squat Max
    195 Bench Max
    175 Powe Clean Max

    275 Squat Max
    180 Bench Max
    150 Powe Clean Max..

    I hate not working out high, it annoys me.. Blazing and working out is the shit
  20. I train everyday high im 6 foot 220lbs+ (No Gear), and continue to grow like a beast, my workout partner competes and i look better than him and he workouts sober (lol i hope he dosen't read this).

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