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  1. Hey last summer when I was smoking alot I realized that I really enjoyed smoking and lifting. I go to the gym about 4 times a week and on the days when I would smoke a tiny bowl or maybe just a couple of hits off a blunt before working out I could be completely focused. The difference was impressive, because I wouldn't get distracted and could just focus 100% and have perfect form. I was just wondering if anyone else on here does this or has done it and if not I suggest it if you are the kind of person who can become really focused while high.
  2. If i hit a sativa then hell yea i will go for a run or lift but if i hit a heavy-hitting indica its a fucking death trap
  3. Me and my brother do this almost daily it keeps us in the zone!
  4. I tried playing basketball high once. I was completely lost on offense, but amazing on defense because I could zone in on the guy.

    I tried going to the gym once high. I was too overwhelmed to work out so I ended up sitting on the stretching mat people watching, but for some reason people kept coming over and talking to me. Got a little noid that people could tell I was high!
  5. I smoke a joint on the way to the gym everyday I love it I stay so much more focused.
  6. I love smoking a bowl or bong before I go running! It's great :hello:
  7. yeah i do that too i do find it easier for me to push myself cause i'm more focoused after i've smoked.
  8. I don't do it because its a waste of weed to me. I sober up in like 5 minutes
  9. I can't run worth shit while being high..
  10. Running while high sounds fucking horrifying. I wouldn't even attempt it.
  11. Haha ditto. Lifting or maybe biking, i could probably handle. The whole sativa/indica thing is an important consideration tho- I've found some weed just knocks me the fuck out and I'm useless to do anything. :smoke:
  12. this is true.. In the ^f#$@ zone!!! i workout 4 times a week and 95% of the time i'm baked! It keeps me focused and determined. You can feel where your muscles "rip" more when your stoned too i find. It gives me energy for my Martial arts and Cardio, mind you this depends on which strain i've smoked :)
  13. I workout 3x every week but never tried it high.

    I can't see myself working out high, then again i usually get really ripped and working out would be out of the question. A small bowl would probably help me focus better though so maybe its worth a try.

    weed definitely helps me get my protein/calories down though :) so much easier to polish off those huge meals when i'm baked.
  14. dude, I work out daily, drink protein shakes, and smoke bud right before I hit the gym.

    Indica, or sativa, Im able to pump some iron either way.

    smoke cheeba :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  15. Ye man, i can double my sets in a workout!!!! u really focus hard!!! try it :smoking:
  16. Exercise
    Sativa - Ok for running and weight training (when used reasonably)
    Indica - Not okay for weight training (I've personally seen 50% decrease in max weight when medicated on an Indica). Indica can be ok for running because it tends to induce a runner's high almost immediately but I've definitely felt some extra soreness (similar to the soreness you get from muscle relaxers).

    Non contact sports can be really fun to play high especially when on a Sativa because of the added focus. I don't know about you but I personally feel things slow down a bit when I'm high and playing a sport, which helps out my technical performance.

    However, I've noticed decent drops in intensity with specific strands. Contact sports high are not a good idea, shit just hurts more.
  17. yea i focus better, but im pretty sure i cant lift as much, i get gassed pretty fast

    and definitly helped kill the burn in my muscles
  18. i usually smoke some cheeba afterwards, i've tried smoking before but i couldn't lift worth a damn.
  19. Loooove smoking a joint and then going to the gym...I feel like I could run forever, and I usually hate the treadmill.
  20. This seems like it must be a joke! I never want to do anything when Im high... althought I usually never want to do anything. I used to go to the gym allllll the time. I would usually go right after school every day, for 30-60 min. I would feel the burn, I can do pretty high reps and everything, but I never saw aaaaannny change in my appearance. so i did the only reasonable thing.. I stopped going haha. Now I cringe when I step foot in the gym.. Maybe I'll try it and take my puppy for a walk. Although she is a pain in the ass. Maybe I'll take my cat. haha

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