Working on New Years

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    Got paid $200 + accommodation(staying on their boat) + feeding me to go to a small island and put up fencing for the event. 30kg blocks and 20kg fences all around that fucker.

    This morning had to get up at 6am to pack it all up hungover as hell and it sucked. felt like shit seeing as after drinking we smoked heaps of bud. I just blasted music and powered through it. Once it was over but no problem.

    Just used the extra cash to pickup a lovely half ounce that I have my nose in at this very mement. Definitely worth the work. I'll try upload some pics.

    What'd all you blades get up ta?

    As promised here's a piccy.

  2. smoking good riding my singlespeed over to my cousins house to smoke, then ride some more
  3. Nothing too special, just played some handball with friends at the park... even had my last sesh yesterday because as a new york resolution I'm leaving mary jane for now. My brother asked me to come to a new years eve party with him, he even offered to put me on a bottle and give me a very generous amount of shots. But, I passed as I always wake up 6 in the morning to do my morning jog. No regrets, but today we'll probably just chill.
  4. ...What do you mean by lazy ass americans, you shouldn't be so stereotypical because it just shows ignorance. Don't take this too personal though, I apologize if it sounded rude.
  5. Doing schoolwork then going to work for 5 hours then more school work. Get time and a half though so its chill.
  6. Cape town you say, where is it located and is there anything glorious to see or do there?
  7. Come get a job on a yacht like all the other Cape Town saphries..
  8. Put a pic up.
  9. that picture confuses me..

    i see a tie died shirt? but then i see skin and hair where it looks like the bottom would be..

    not even important but its fuckin with me

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