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working in medical marijuana field...advice

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by justsmokeit21, May 16, 2010.

  1. Ok so i was curious as to how i would go about working in the medical marijuana field. Would i have to go to school for it? Can i just walk in and apply?
    Please help thank you
  2. I can't answer your question, but i can give you some advice.
    If you pursue this career, please don't be a tattooed up, rap music blaring, pothead just trying to legitimize his fascination with weed. Do it as a clean and legitimate business person. I refuse to shop at dispensaries that have douchebag pothead clerks. As an adult I want to do business with people who act like adults.

    That's my 2Cents. good luck
  3. Wise Words!
  4. its not just as easy as goin out and finding a pot feild and putting in an application. you havta know ppl who are growing. and a majority of the time there isn't medical feilds, its done inside. But i would say check california, i know somebody who went and trimmed buds in mad river california, or somewhere like that. But they made 20 an hr plus all the weed they could smoke. But its not just like gettin a regular job
  5. Yes i understand what you are all saying. Im 20 years young but i am very professional with my work and when dealing with customers, i also am not trying to get in the business because of the weed (even thought i do smoke) but the plants fascinate me. I figure if i get to know the "business" now then in a few years i will be wise enough to work in this field

  6. Would it possible if you could ask your friend how i could go about getting a job in that field to start with and then maybe i would work my way up through that.
  7. If you want to think pretty far ahead...getting a degree in plant biology or something along those lines would be smart, I can see it being legalized in California within the next 10 years (If not in 6 months) and then it would be an industry. Industry means there are experts, and it would be pretty damn cool to be a marijuana expert.
  8. go to oaksterdam university, theyl,ll teach you everything youd ever wanna know.

  9. And then some!:D:smoking:

  10. yea thanks i just heard about this from a friend. Do you guys by any chance know of anyone who attended classes there?
  11. naw but hopefully ill be attending soon.
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    Oaksterdam is nice but definetly not worth the money.
    As for a job in the medical industry, find a club you like, frequent it, get to know the people and when jobs open they usually pick right from out their patient base, I've held nearly every job within "the medical" field, from budtending to managing to working on the board of directors for a club local to orange county ca, I currently run the sales department for a medical marijuana online directory.

  13. why do you say its not worth the money? what do you mean find a club?
  14. dispensary

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