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Discussion in 'General' started by SickCrab, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. first dnt fault me if this isnt the right place for the thread or if this has been covered before i really wasnt sure where to get advice on this, figured some seasoned tokers would have much better input on the topic, so anyways im interested in trying to get a job at a LHS, wat do u guys think the best way of approaching this is? i figured u might wanna get to know the owner first and mayb have somewhat of a relationship with them possibly before inquiring about a job, headshops dnt seem like the place where u walk in an ask for an appilication lol

  2. Why not? They're like any other business. Just go in (or call) and ask if they are hiring.
  3. I don't fault you for posting in the wrong place, I fault you for not being able to read forum descriptions in the first place.

  4. /Thread.

    But to help you out, I would apply to a headshop you frequent quite often. That way your face is more than familiar. I'm sure you can just ask for a job app, but I know they only have X positions to fill. I'd talk to them first about other stuff besides a job just to build a relationship, then bring up a position and how often they have them. If it sounds promising, apply!
  5. apologies i posted there looking for a well-informed answer, anyways thank you guys i thinkk ill work on getting to know them first before i apply

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