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  1. I know alot of stonners whose major income come down to tips, and for me tips is what usually pays for my bag of shwag.

    So I was wondering, what kind of tipper are you when it comes to tipping delivery people/waiters/ect.?? Are you one of those people who dont tip? Being in the industry myself I always try to tip well, but I often get stiffed at my own job (delivering pizzas).
  2. I'm a poor college student, I really try not to order food try to cook it myself but when I do yea I try to tip as well as I can
  3. If you don't tip, you shouldn't be ordering services for which is is customary to tip. It's not a matter of tip or don't tip according to service levels, it's a matter or tip more, or tip less.

    Stiffers are people who say, "my food took too long, so I'm going to contribute to the financial crisis that defines the life, (more often than not), of the poor bastard who carried it to my table.
  4. I worked for a pizza shop for five years. After working there and seeing how it was I always tip atleast five bucks. But if I get bad service I'll give them just change.
  5. I'm full time and only make about 80 bucks a week on my checks, so I'm completely dependent on tips. I tip other people really well. I think of it as karma, even if the service isn't as good as it could be, people don't usually actively try to do a shitty job, they're trying. So maybe if I'm not on my serving A-game, someone will still tip me well...right?
  6. i used to deliver for papa john's and anything less than $3 would ensure your next delivery is slow and your pizza cold. delivery drivers will get at least $5 fromme. restaurants it depends on the service and how thew food is, but usually at least $5.
  7. :hello:preach brother!

    I mean come on! When I deliver and pizza and get the door slammed in my face you just seem like the scum of the earth to me! hahaha
  8. I worked at a car wash for 4 years,and let me tell you I'm still waiting on a couple people that said they were going to the ATM and would be right back with my tip.My favorite line is "Do a good job,I'll take care of ya" just to get a dollar tip.So i always tip even if the service wasnt that great because those people are usually getting paid $4 something an hr.
  9. I usually tip pretty generously, 15-20 percent maybe more sometimes. It's just convenient to hand them a few dollar bills and not worry about the exact amount. But every time the subject comes up I always think of this scene, hahaha.
    [ame=]Reservoir Dogs - Tipping Scene - YouTube[/ame]
  10. If Its somthing I don't Normaly do I will tip pretty well. But like I go to a pool hall almost every day and their is a "tip" section on the recipt. I don't tip there just cuz I'm there everyday. So no point in spending more money when I'm probly gonna spend it there anyway
  11. I'll tip if it's good service.
  12. hell yes. The place where I work 95% of the clientele is old people. I try my best to be enthusiastic when they slide me .50 or something. I get stiffed there a lot. I'm really good at my job, but some people order from the bar or something, and don't really think to tip me because I may not have taken their order. It's a little understandable...I guess :rolleyes:
  13. this is what i do, in my bill move the decimal left 1 and times by 2
    ex: bill is 10.00 -- 1.00x2=2.00 = 20%
  14. This. If you don't give me good service, and you aren't busy, don't expect more than $1.
  15. tips are least you get a hourly wage and tips. much better than a minimum hourly wage. only time i did mind no tip is when they gave me a big bill then asked for their change back, and gave no damn, slap in the face.
  16. In most states, minimum wage for servers is around $3 an hour. At the end of the week, once their tips are declared, the check the get is usually $0 because of deductions.
  17. Uh I would say fuck a $2 an hour paycheck give me a real job like damn I always tip more or less depending on how I felt my service was
  18. Sometimes it's worth it. Making $3 an hour isn't so bad if you're making 10/15 per hour in tips. That isn't always the case though. One day last week I made 10 dollars in 6 hours. Fuck that noise. but if you're good at your job, it usually evens out.

    I only claim $50 a week, so I still get checks. :devious:
  19. I find myself being the same way for many of the same reasons. Bring young and a server at a restaurant, I've seen the best tippers, and some of the worst. I try to tip, even if its Sonic. And I always tip well also (at least $5....sonic gets $3 tho). Most people don't realize, here in TN, we her paid $2 bucks n some change. We love off the tips. I always try to make their life a lil easier.

    Aww yea, I let da pizza delivery guy hit da weed before too ^_^

  20. wtf crazy. how do u eat off of 3$ an hour jeeeeez

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