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    First of all, I wanna pursue my career in the culinary field. I just took the job for the experience, and it turned out to be great. You'll learn all about the people I worked with and what we did. My first week out there was July 4th weekend. Worked in a town about 15 minutes southwest of Cleveland. I put my stuff outside of the campers for now an started work. Working for 1130am until 8pm that day. That night I got my room, a nasty rain infested room. Within an hour of being there, this couple had to leave and took this other couple with them freeing up two room a. I got one of them, a decent sized room with two beds, like a bunkbed. I was the only person in that room do about 3 weeks. But my first couple days, I worked in the paratrooper, the Ferris wheel and the wacky shack. First day I could tell there are a bunch of different types of people. Old black people, 55+ years old, old white dudes 50+, middle aged white guys, middle aged blacks. A 67 year old lady, that acts like a mother.. we opened up on a Friday, I'm in charge of running a game called the 'pirates ladder' a game where essentially you have to balance yourself up a ladder made of rope with wooden handles, every 12-14 inches. I struggled the first few weeks with getting the technique down.. The first night, I remember sneaking off and taking a walk to get stoned., because I wasn't sure if we could smoke or not. I had brought 4 joints of nugs. After that walk, I had three. The next morning I woke up at about 8am, walked through the park/valley and smoked 1 and half joints.. Returned to work at 11am, took a nap until 4:30pm, showered and went to the store before my first night of fun work. I loved working with the public, it made me enjoy the job.
  3. Just for the future, I plan on going to Florida soon to work for another carnival.. thoughts on that anyone? Will posting more soon.
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    Second week, we went up to ashtabula, started setting up small stuff that night. Woke up at about 10am, started setting big rides up, the trooper has become "my" ride, to set up and tear down. Worked till about 11pm. Woke up at 10:30 the next day, worked until 10:30, and then got paid. Working on the merry go round, paratrooper, Ferris wheel, and swings now.. finally getting over the home sick feeling.. took a walk to the beach and smoked a blunt, at the beach, park and on my walk back.. listened to country music, enjoyed the day off. It was so relaxing. Made pretty good money that week, made it up the regular way about 4 times that week. Started practicing doing it with no hands, didn't have success all week with it.. I would go out about 1.5-2 hours before we opened, climbing that ladder nonstop. I would stop about 10 minutes before opening to change and put cologne on.
  5. Any weird shit that carnies do or you have seen?
    Or strange stuff the public does?
    What about the rigged games?
    I want your secrets!

    Ps, I know that bearded lady has a strange kink...

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    That's one place you can absolutely 100% be yourself. Without being judged. A bunch of weird stuff happens. None of the games our company had were rigged. We had a ball on game, 3 darts for $5. Prize no matter what. Two duck pond gamds , where you just pick 2 ducks out. $3,$5,$10 prizes. And the game I ran, the rope ladder. It has two pulleys connected, one that can be loosened or tighten.. But every time I assembled it, it was tight enough for me to make it up just about every time.. I had about 5-6 people on average win per week..
  7. This week, we went to a town called Mogadore, Ohio. Small town outside of Akron, Ohio. Set up was different this week due to the fact that half of the rides were set on baseball fields, the other half were on grass. And that week was quite rainy. One day we were setting up, the bosses went fishing, caught about 200 fish. The first day opening was a pretty good day, I had over 300 people play the game.. I climbed up it 3/5 times, walked up with no hands one time. I felt accomplished, the numbers showed that. We smoked good that night, I was playing a game in my phone that I got highly addicted to on the road, 8 Ball Pool by MiniClip. The second day, we had two new people come one becoming my roommate. When he opened the door, it was about 10am on a day we opened at 1pm. I was rolling a nug joint, and just finished the wake and bake one, I had SchoolBoy Q-Man of The Year playing on my phone, pretty loud. The music and herb, lol. But after I finished rolling the joint, I walked out and he was talking to everyone, looked at me and said "best roomie ever" I laughed. Asked if he wanted to burn, he said he was going to lunch, with everyone else. So I preceded to walk through the wooded area by our campers, I went about 10 minutes in, listening to music smoking a joint.. Walked back and when I got back everyone was back from lunch.. I was pretty stoned, walked into my room and changed and walked out. My room and smell badly of bud, probably the roach.. But I went back in and checked the roach in my pocket and it was still burning, in my pants I just changed out of. How crazy right? So I just said fuck it and went out to work, still stoned smoking a cigarette, my one boss walks right up to me. Smoking a cig I hope he doesn't smell the trees. He starts asking about fish and if i like it fried or not, I say I do like fish, cooked anyway is fine with me.. That's when he told me about the fish fry that night.. I worked all day thinking about that fish, towards the end of the day it started raining and the crowd died out, until about 9 pm, we got hit hard. Twice as many people as earlier in the day. Outcome was nice for that day, plus I met this girl, Della. The game made a decent amount of money that day.. We drank that night, just about everyone was out there. Bry , Uncle Jun, Derry, Uncle B, Auntie Y, Will, P, Renee and her son.. Beautiful night. Everyone was drinkin and smoking, being happy it made me feel good about the situation I was in..
  8. How many of your coworkers are tweekers? I hear carnivals have a big tweeker problem. 
  9. Sounds cool wat u doin glad u like it. If u gotta work,work doing something u like and bro could u use paragraphs. It makes it easier to read n some ppl won't read because of it
  10. Ewwwwww carnie
  11. Are u gonna be working at the north florida fair? I plan on going there when it gets there

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  12. I went the the first two fairs on that lisy

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  13. This is pretty cool, I love carnivals, my dream is to go really stoned to one.
  14. We had a buddy working the zipper.. Crazy fucking ride takes you way up and spins your ass a million miles an hour.. Like 3 stories up! We were high as gypsies and when we reached the top..he opens the cunt full throttle!!! Whoah. Fuckers... I passed out for a minute.

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  15. Interesting and boring at the same time.

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