Working black friday?

Discussion in 'General' started by CheechNBong420, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I thought I should make a thread for all the blades working retail and other jobs this black friday

    I start tonight at midnight and work till 9am

    Not the longest shift but it's sure gonna be stressful.

    I plan on medicating a lil before and right when I get off work I'm grabbing a quad

    Good luck to all my fellow retail blades!
  2. Walmart 930 pm to 6 am
  3. uhhh burger king 2-9pm lol
  4. Damn feel your pain. I can promise you I won't be one of your dickhead customers! I worked in retail for 8 years of my life. Consumer electronics. But when I was working the earliest we opened was 5 am. Its getting a bit ridiculous now isn't it? I guess because the economy is such crap the retailers will keep going further and further. Some day they'll just start serving turkey and gravy in their stores on Thanksgiving day!

  5. that is going to suuuuuuuck
  6. I work in a take out/eat in restaurant and working all day tomorrow -___- don't feel like it
  7. 11:30pm tonight to 9;30am friday, then 6 hours off then 3:30 to midnite.

    10.5 hours of overtime. fuck yea.

    and I work at a large department store. we are open all 24 hours of black friday and are anticipating record numbers. Its going to be so busy we are having a cop come in to direct traffic in the parking lot. our store is projecting $350,000 to $500,000 in sales. atleast i get 25% off all existing sales, gonna be getting clothes and shit for damn near 75% off.
  8. 3pm- 1130pm
    Target doesn't believe in overtime
  9. 6am to 2:45pm. I'm not complaining, I enjoy my job. I do it with pride and honor, and it helps me pay my bills. Plus I don't need any material things.
  10. 8am-4pm. Easy.
  11. I have to work 330 am to 11 am gonna blow
  12. ill be workin, 7am to 230.

  13. Nope. Sleeping in and doing as I please all day long.
  14. Subway. In a mall. One of only 5 food places in the mall
  15. 3 AM to 1 in the afternoon. Retail.
  16. jeeze that sounds like its gonna be a bitch
  17. I was at Walmart earlier and they had signs up on a ton of stuff saying that it wasn't for sale until 10 pm. I guess they wouldn't even let me pay full price for a set of rubbermaid containers???
  18. I have it easy 6PM to 11:30PM working takeaway at a outback steakhouse

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