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Discussion in 'General' started by popsson, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. has anyone worked at ups? im getting a job there and the guy said it was pretty hard, he has got me scared. what experiences have you had there and what should i expect?
  2. I been working there for like 2 1/2 months and its really hard, im thinking about quiting, except for the fact that i can go to work stoned as hell and nobody cares
  3. Doing what?, I worked at fedex a couple years ago as a package handler, you unloaded trucks all day it was kinda hard work but it wasnt that bad.

    Package handling was unhealthy, you get into the belly of big trucks with massive amounts of dust/dirt, I remember when I would go home and blow my noise shit loads of black nasty dust/dirt would come out.

    I could imagine its the same at UPS.
  4. yes a package handler.. im not worried about the physical work but the guy said you have to remember a lot of shit.
  5. what one u work at?..iv been working at the one in tampa and it fucking sucks lol, asshole people...and i already got written up twice for having missloads =/
  6. btw the pay is good tho..drivers start at like 20 bucks+
  7. how hard is it mentally!?!?!?!
  8. I work at one in orlando as a package unloader/loader. My supervisor sucks balls, i sweat like mad, and the black shit from the nose is an everyday thing. I need to quit but the whole 8.50/hr i make keeps me coming back
  9. im getting 9.50...but i work in the early mornings and it sucks still...and mentaly, well lets just say im gonna find out were some people live :D
  10. the work itself isnt all that hard, expect shitty hours and an even shittier paycheck until you pay off your union dues. THe first 3 months that your the "new guy" ur basically everyones whippin boy.

    I had to quit after 4 months because I was in the hub working on a loading belt and everyone on it with me were union and could give a shit less.

    if you like working with unmotivated people who expect you to do their work for em have fun.

    overall its not a bad job, the work is simple and straightforward, I just couldnt stand the people.

    ...and the higher ups are even bigger douchebags then the ground workers
  11. lol United Pot Smokers.

  12. Start at 20 bucks an hour!!??
  13. a buddy of mine works at one. from 10pm-2am m-f. it kills his social life really bad.

    the work doesn't sound like it's to hard mentally. pick up box and move it to a certain place. i'm sure it's pretty easy.

    he says everyone there is fucked up. he sees people slanging blow and other things that he doesn't know.

    edit: greenlantern, that's for drivers. not for handlers.
  14. I don't know anything about UPS, but who knows... maybe you'll be lucky and uncover pounds of marijuana unexpectedly from a drug trafficking organization.
  15. I'd take 20$/hour to ding-dong-ditch, anyday.
  16. Its not hard mentally, I just spaced out the whole time grab a box toss it on the belt grab a box toss it on the belt o shit hazard sticker toss it on the crate.

    and as somone said the hours suck, when I was at fedex I was the 2am shift, my buddy worked at UPS around the same time as me he was also doing a 2am shift, leaves little time for social life, try to grab a good shift if you can they didnt give me a choice.

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