Working at Target over the summer.

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  1. I'm considering getting a job there before heading back to college. Anyone have any experience working retail? What are the pros and cons of working at places like this, is it worth doing?
  2. I almost got arrested there once
  3. and they drug test

  4. Did you try to shoplift mushroom?!? haha :D
  5. Target certainly wouldnt be my first choice, but the economy is pretty rough so you kind of need to take the job where it lies. Target will be low pay and hard work.

    The food industry and sales are two good jobs where you dont necessarily need experience and the pay can be good.

    Look for a mobile phone authorized dealer or kiosk, if you can wiggle your way into a cell phone salesman job over time you can make big bucks. The people at the Verizon / AT&T stores usually have 1 or 2 years experience in sales and they can make $3K a month. A restaurant or food retailer like Jamba Juice / Starbucks would be alot better that Target as well.. There isnt alot of room for advancement in the retail industry but at least you get a paycheck..
  6. Ive not worked retail, but I have worked at a restaurant as a food runner. Also have a friend who works the floor at Lowes.

    Some things:
    You will get worn out and or achy from working. You've gotta stand up and walk around the whole time.
    You have to serve people, many of whom will be dumbfucks. These people really wear on you.
    It's a very shallow job and gets old quick. Same thing to do each day. Work the register...beep beep beep, or maybe inventory or stock shelves, and tell people where shit is.

    Hey, a job's a job, but I am gonna really avoid customer level service in all my jobs from now on. It can really suck.
  7. haha no shit, one time when i was 17 i was trying to steal 3 packs of gum (in the 1 big pack) and i guess security caught me on camara because they were following me around the store. So i took it out of my pocket and threw it on a shelf and I dipped out of there real quick and they followed me too the door. I ran to my car real quick.

  8. Really man?
  9. $3k a month isn't big money lol, I mean its great for 18-25 but yea.

    I would say go for it for sure, a lot of the time if you prove yourself somewhat and have good reviews from managers you can eventually land a job over at corporate Target out of college (if your major fits what they need)...and personally I would love a job at corporate for a big company like Target. Lots of room for advancement and you would gain a lot of connections to other, more exclusive companies through working at corporate....

    Definitely worth it, and if you get DT'd then just quit weed, save a ton of money while making decent money, almost a win-win except you'll be sober lol.

  10. Back in high school id do anything for a rush, and stealing used to give me a rush. I had a part time job so i had money, i used to steal shit for fun. Me and my buddy used to play a game where each time we went into a store we had to steal at least 1 thing.

  11. Nice..
  12. Bad influences, you know:eek:
  13. Pros: money, experience, discounts

    Cons: customers, rotating shifts, busting your ass and working hard for a very small check
  14. OH yeah, rotating shifts suck ass. Makes planning shit and doing weekend stuff a bitch. Think about that for sure.
  15. My friend has worked there over a year. He hates it. Only reason he hasn't quit is his mom lost her job. And he is paying to keep the house.
  16. Fucking. Agree. I mean, for a first job, you take what you gotta and all, but try to get a job at a Starbucks or something like that. I worked at a Robecks(smoothie place) when I was like 16, and that was pretty chill, but retail stores like Target, Wal-mart, etc. generally suck the big one.
  17. I currently work 3rd shift at target. I love the fact that I dont have to deal with

    customers for the most part since I am usually out of there shortly after the store opens.

    Its only about $10 per hour starting out, but its better than nothing. It is easy, same shit

    everyday, but it can wear you out quick. Plus they are consistent with yearly raises.

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