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Working At A Grocery Store?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Russian Badger, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. hey blades! Im a senior in high school but I am 18 so no worries. But I was thinking about getting a job to make some money! and to give me something to do, other than smoke. And i was thinking at applying at my local winn dixie or publix.. Can anyone think of any other jobs if i get turned down?

  2. I worked at safeway as a bagger and I personally hated it, but the one I worked at was always really packed. Try going to craigslist and find your city if you live in one and check out the ads
  3. pretty much all grocery stores drug test so be prepared for that
  4. ok first off, if you work in a grocery store never be a bagger boy you get sick of that shit....real fast, to be honest getting a job off craigslist maybe walmart? dicks sporting goods kmart? idk what in your area some job to lay low not be noticed all the time like a warehouse job hardly ever no supervision
  5. i'm a bagger at kroger and it's not to bad. got DT'ed upon hiring and that's it. about to get promoted as well.
  6. Im in canada. I use to be produce manager use to get high with part timers all the time. I swear it made them listen to me more than the part timers that didnt blaze.
  7. If you are 18 you can do more things then just bag.
    You can work in produce, cashier, etc. I was a bagger and I fucking hated that shit.
    what about working out a pizzeria? (dominoes) lol
  9. Yes oh yes

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