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  1. Recently got hired to work at a dispensary and looking forward it but all my life my parents have been against marijuana. I’ve tried countless times convincing them to change their perspective on it but each time they looked at me like I was out of my head. Point is, they are never changing their mind about it and I’m currently in the process of graduating college and getting my own place but don’t have the funds just yet.
    Considering my situation with my parents, my only option is to keep it from them.

    I’ve used this website many times for advice and now I’m asking you all on advice on how to be able to keep the smell of weed out and avoiding my parents finding out. Please help!
  2. congratulations on getting the job! are you concerned about coming home from work smelling like it or when you smoke it? If its when your working i would just spray myself down with some spray and go home change clothes and shower, but i have to ask why would your parents get mad at you for getting a job? Regardless if their against it or not they should support the fact that your working and trying to better yourself, i would be more mad at my kids if they didnt have a job versus they got a job at a dispensary.

    But smoking it is another thing, i work at a foundry i smell like burned metal, electrical fire and chlorine but my wife can still tell when i smoke when i get home from work (i smoke a bowl or two before i get into the shower). My advice to you about smoking is DONT DO IT IN THE HOUSE, go outside enjoy nature air your self out
  3. Working at a dispensary is a good paying gig you'll be able to get your own place lol
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  4. congrats on the job!

    don’t smoke in their house and try not to keep smelly shit stored there either.

    if you have a gym membership, you could run there after work and shower and change before going home. you could even squeeze a workout in if you wanted, lol!

    many dispensaries do smell pretty strong and you could be leaving work smelling of the herb.
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  5. Yeah I agree. Don't smoke in the house. If you do, maybe the bathroom before you get a shower or something like that so the mist in the shower airs it out. That's worked for me a lot. Otherwise I'd go outside, to a park at night, in your car, or something like that to smoke.

    Also make sure you have something to spray the weed. I know there's strong sprays that are made to get rid of weed. i've also had luck with body sprays and air fresheners as well but it may work better or not as well depending on the brand you get.

    Good luck man! And sorry your parents are being stubborn about weed. :(
  6. Do your parents know what weed smells like?
    Can you tell them you work at a nursery where you spend your time around various plants, soils, fertilizers, etc.?
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  7. If you smoke at home try the following...
    Use a one hitter and pack little single hits so that ALL of it burns to ash in a single go. No stinky partialy burned nuggs.

    Clean your at home piece after every use. Dirty glass fuckin reeks dude. A little warm water or alcohol and wipe it out then flush it down the toilet.

    Exhale through the window. Just crack the window enough to get the end of a paper towel tube up against the window screen and the exhale through it hard. Thats gonna keep it from blowing back in.

    Try dabs and an atomizer pen. It smells very little and you can use the same window technique to exhaust it out the window.

    Hide your stash outside. In a tree, a hole, a bush, garage, seriously its endless. I usually kept my main stash hidden well and then kept a couple nugs handy in a quick hiding spot.

    Keeping your pipe, ganja, lighter, etc in a mason jar with an air tight lid will keep the smell way down.

    Rub dirt on your hands when youre in a pinch. It works and got me out of a tight spot a couple times.
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  8. I agree with most of the responses and I'd like to add watch out for the accumulation of paraphernalia as was mentioned already but I second that just because you can't smell it doesn't mean they can't cuz they can! I'll have to try the Q-tips with the rubbing alcohol that should work pretty good.
  9. I say mix in some edibles with their cookie jar and add tinctures to their oils and other liquids that get used regularly in the kitchen. They may not know what their missin out on.
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  10. It's sad when the only advice given is to lie and deceive. So weak
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