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Workhorse Strains for Cold Weather Climate

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Shook1, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I am a Canadian from Southern Ontario. I think most people that grow outdoors in Canada, U.K, Scandinavia, Russia etc. Always ask this question as we have the colder weather..

    I have learned that Indica plants are THE best plants to stick with, especially in Canada because they grow quicker and are more reliable in this climate.

    So..What really is the best Indica to grow in Canada and the rest of the colder climate folk? I was thinking Northern Lights #5 just by research..I am not an experienced grower by any means..But..It is an Indica and it is the most recognized/popular Indica and has the most awards/recognizition..

    What do you guys think?
  2. Dunno about northern lights but I'm at 52 latitude in the UK and purple power was a winner this year for me. As well as swiss cheese.
    Obviously your asking about next years grow though I take it?!
  3. just finished up my fifth growing season in southern ontario. take a look at my signature for a link to last years grow. blackberry yielded very well and was quite resistant to mold but the long flowering time was annoying so i crossed it with early grizzly. grew it out this year. wow. shorter flowering time with fantastic yield and potency. most of the plants turned dark purple. my friends were shocked at the quality. i even had a few people convinced it was indoor. currently growing out a lr2 x indica cross i made last year indoors, i have high expectations for its outdoor capabilities. if you are looking for seeds shoot me a message. shipping probably isnt a good idea as i encountered an issue with another member doing that but if you are ever close to ottawa id be happy to toss you some beans for cheap as fck
  4. I couldn't say from exp. as I live in Florida. I have a friend who lives in southern Saskatchewan and he grows auto flower crosses only outdoors. His latest cross was LR2 x Chronic, and last I talked to him they were maturing out on time. How does the weather compare from S. Ontario to S. Saskatchewan?
  5. NL#5 is a classic big yielder with an old school flavor/smoke that older heads really tend to appreciate...

    If you're up north, "Freezeland"/Friesland (if you can find it) is a good looking, big yielding quick plant that has been a huge commercial crop up north for a couple of decades...

    and if you can find a clone (assuming you're in canada) of the M-39 from the 80's that came from SSSC, grab that too...can be finished in under 50 days from clone and puts out gigantic donkey dicks, and was bred for cold Canadian climate...

    also consider taking a look at some of Arne's crosses, might be something you're interested in as well...

  6. Personally , good results outdoor northern climes , Blueberry , N.L.5
    White Rhino , Romulan , Matanuska ThunderFuck , AK48 , Blue Cheese
    Blue T' Wreck , E32 'Wreck and various Skunks , some of the latter , not
    all but some and the E32 can run a bit long , the Hindu Skunk works out
    well unless humidity gets real bad. And I swear that the White Rhino fits
    it's name . that and the Thunderfuck are the toughest plants I've ever
    seen outdoors personally. As always YMMV.
  7. i been looking at local seedbanks and i haven't seen over half of the ones you guys have listed on their online roster. (dr. greenthumb, ironseeds).

    Indicunt - Thanks for the offer man, but I don't live that far north. Im down in the GTA and I don't feel comfortable doing the mail/online thing.

    the M-39 sounds like a damn good plant if your explanation is consistent with most people that have grown it. I'll look into it.

    And to the Englishman. Yes I plan on growing a handful of plants for personal use. I am tired of buying off dealers. Figured I'd save money and since I am getting older, I thought gardening would be a suitable hobby. lol
  8. Sent you a PM. A lot of the best strains aren't available anywhere else but a particular seedbank or two.
  9. Thanks bro.
  10. TTT

    Anyone ever try growing Super Skunk, Skunk #1 outdoors? From the indoor grows I have seen of Super Skunk, they all seem to get that long thick cola..(thats what she said)

  11. Both do quite well outdoors , and they are quite trainable , just a wuth T'Wreck
    you can make 'em look like a huge head with dreadlocks if you wish , I just
    usually try for multiple colas and let it go at that unless I need to make the
    plant fit a specific space. And the Skunks in general can get huge outdoors
    if grown correctly.
  12. I'll keep that in mind..

    I have also read that Dr. Greenthumbs Iranian Auto Flower and Iranian G13 are primo bud for outdoor grows, especially in the colder climates.
  13. Guerilla Gold #3. No strain has proven more reliable for what you described.
  14. hmm..ill check it out!
  15. The only problem with cold  is humidity . (watch the humidity)
    If your plant starts off in Summer  and the  temperatures suddenly drop during flowering , then that might show purpling and twisting of leaves .  I dont think it would damage it  but it probably would slow it down a week or two maybe .
    So , taking a plant out of your house and putting it in the freezing greenhouse wont do them much good .
    A sudden change would kill them quicker than the low temperatures themselves .
    But they get used to it fairly quickly .
    I  chap I knew told me he had been handed a bag full of freshly cut bud in Chechnya in the middle of winter  ( -20 below) in winter .
    They grew on the roadside apparently .
    If the plants escaped the shelling , then the cold didnt bother them much . LOL
  16. Hey shook,
       Im from Quebec and my spot is in a very humid place. My friend gave me some purple kush cuttings, but due to the cold/humid weather, mold got in and i ve lost half my dank...(mostly the biggest buds).I dont think i could have grow my babies all the way to the end, and have the lady's fully mature. So next years the main caracteristic for my strain is mould/cold resistance, wich mean, most of the time, short flowering period.
    I've decided to grow : ''The church'' from the greenhouse seeds company. This strain is mould resistant and has a short flowering time. I saw that you asked about superskunk strain ... The church is: Swiss sativa x Super skunk x northern light. That's why i felt that i had to share that with you.
    BTW: i just germinate 5 seeds and they all cracked overnight.
    Later dude !!
    Also in Quebec, last summer I cultivated Pink Freezeland and one other strain which was a cross of Durban Poison + U.K. Cheese, both were winners. I did have some issues with botrytis ( mold ) and was able to hold it off for the most part by treating the plants daily with a stray of 50% IOS alcohol. Both strain are great yielders and pretty dank.

    For summer 2014, I have a different list of strains I'll be playing with; U.K. Cheese, Headband 818, Romulan, O.G. Kush, Cali Orange, Big Freeze and Big Kiwi. I am having a retractable greenhouse membrane installed over the garden area to protect the plants from an over abundance of rain which will contribute to mold up this way, specially in september. Going all out organic as well. My plants should all be about 3 feet tall by the time I'm ready to transplant them in the outdoor garden at beginning June.  :)

  18. White siberian from DinaFem seeds .. I'm a few hundred kilomters north of toronto and getting a lb per plant done in early october . Its a cross between white widow and Ak47 . Very nice plant was flowering by august 3rd . Cloned it and will be running this strain again this summer . Last year I also used Master Kush which was a very tough and mold resistant plant but took to long to complete flowering .

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