Workers Control in action

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  1. That is the best thing I have heard all day, its only 6am but still that is fantastic.:hello:
  2. Wow, they straight up stole that factory. I'd have no problem if they came together and bought it from them; the company was obviously failing so selling the assets would come cheap. If the workers explained to an investor that they know how to do all the jobs in the factory and they can figure out what number is bigger than the other (plus their history running the factory) I think they could have gotten a loan.

    But, the fact remains, they straight up shisted that shit. Fucking assholes. I hope they don't expect anyone to respect their personal property rights.

  3. a very good point. The methods were less than ideal. The outcome however, somewhat liberating.

    Although our founders straight up stole this country through force, so it seems to be a moral gray area

  4. try reading the info again... the owners ABANDONED the factory when they couldn't pay the employees and returned years later to reap the rewards of the employees efforts.:rolleyes:

  5. that's what i thought i read until he claimed different. I like this version better, it's good to see the average man empowered
  6. yep.

    More proof that we can get along fine, prosper as a whole, without the owners or top executives skimming off the top (being greedy).

    I do like the post above about them getting a the property and materials based on the value of said items if they had been abandoned up until now...pretty much off the dumbass 'owners' and make it all legal, a company/factory completely owned by the workers....with out the top fatcats to feed, they can sell their shit cheaper....a real bank would love to loan them the money with such a sure return...I love it, they have shown they can run the place and make a profit without the fatcats.

    Real pioneer minded folks, I salute them!:hello:
  7. shut up Ron Paul, unlike capitalists works don't have large amounts of capital to buy businesses. They would most definitely would have not gotten a loan. You're crying about stole "personal property", but don't cry about stolen labor. Factories are not personal property.
  8. Are you sure? I'm pretty certain they are privately owned in most western countries.

    If a factory isn't personal property, then neither is any other building on privately owned land.

    Nobody is arguing that this collective is a bad thing, rather that the means through which it was acquired were less then desirable.

    Collectives can exist within a voluntary society, however voluntarism cannot exist in a collectivist society.

  9. hey hey don't insult the doctor :p ron paul would be the best option for socialists and capitalists, he loves freedom to do what you want (including voluntary socialism)

    Read the whole thread before posting a reply like that anyways, they didn't steal it the owners left.
  10. The owners left, than came back. That doesn't relinquish their ownership.

    However, I do feel that since the workers were in charge of the whole place for that time, they deserve the profits (perhaps with a cut for the owners). They could take those profits and buy the factory from the owners. Like I said, the business was failing and soon to go under anyway, therefore the assets would come fairly cheap.

    And to the RP-basher: 150 workers could come together and come up with a pretty decent down payment on a loan. Their labor wasn't stolen, they chose to work there.

    I will say again. The fact is, with the help of mob rule, they straight up stole the factory.
  11. This happened to me some hippies took over my winter cabin, when I came back the cabin was trashed and they were sleeping on the floor. I buried them in the forest where no one would ever find them. I'm serious about protecting my private property.

    (totally kidding)

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