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  1. Everyday, I get to the point when I realize that no matter what, I am just not going to do anything productive for the rest of the day.

    Sometimes it happens early in the day....

    And sometimes it happens later in the day......

    Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. I get like this too, always in the afternoon though usually when im tired.
  3. I get like this too. But I have a job that interests me: web development. When I get that feeling, I just research stuff that I love, which also happens to pertain to my job. Like I was writing CSS today, and I was bored and feeling like "blahhhh".. so I started researching CSS and stuff, and new ways to code, and cool projects... so I ended up starting a personal project. I'm going to write a custom stylesheet for GC. I'll use an extension on Chrome called Stylish lets me override the actual stylesheet commands. It'll look kick-ass. This green is really bumming me out.. I'll share it when I'm done.

    Any ideas for a color scheme?
  4. I believe that is called the "itis". You feel like doing fuck all, usually happens after eating. I hated it when that happened in high school because I'd have a class after lunch and the teacher would assign book work or have the most boring lecture in the world and you can't help but want to pass out on the desk but can't because the fucking teacher would interrupt your half assed nap. Damn that sucked.
  5. Every. Single. Day. Most usually in the afternoon..but there are those days where it hits early on, and there's no turning back once it does
  6. Yeah, everyday. Especially in high school. See I'd go high, then fuck around first and second hour. Then after my high was gone I realized I wasn't gonna do anything else.
  7. Everyone on the planet gets this feeling. Except porn stars, they probably don't feel that badly.
  8. I used to fall asleep in history all the time to where the point she would just let me sleep.
  9. Theres nothing like the feeling of when a teacher gives up on you. It was always funny as fuck watching a teacher give up on me for passing the class, then I keep seeing him trying to push another person who has already given up. I wonder if some teachers feel like douchebags after they give up on a student.
  10. I bet you kids are all on drugs aren't you?
  11. You said you get to the point where you realize your not going to do shit with your day. Switch up that way of thinking. Instead of thinking like that, wake up and say, "Today's gonna be a good day. Im gonna get (what ever it is you want to do) done, and nothing will stop me."
    Your thoughts and emotions can shape your reality, and as long as you keep thinking "today i probably wont get anything done" youll be stuck with that same train of thought.
  12. i get this feeling, usually from when i wake up to when i wake up again.

  13. To be honest.........

    I like getting nothing done.......

    Gives me free time to post on GC
  14. You stole my post, I fucking hate you!! :mad:

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