Discussion in 'General' started by Alliance, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. Where does everyone work, or are you retired or maybe a college student...

    I work for a Valet Parking company...It's cool, i make good money and drive cool cars
    I also go to school at a local community college here in Dallas?

    What about yall?
  2. I go to university but over the summer hopefully I'll be doing construction for the city, or if not that working at a bank.
  3. I have a construction company..

    I work in the dirt!
  4. College student, but I will be working full time over the summer. Money!! I got's to pay for a little bit of my schooling, plus build myself a new Athlon 64-powered computer for next schoolyear, and start growing in the house I will be living in next year. So funds are a necessity.
  5. Work? I'm too old for that shit. Anyway, it takes too much time away from smoking!
  6. I am still in highschool, I have two jobs a legal one at a bookstore/music/crappy headshop, and a illegal one. lol
  7. I work for family in a small business. I sit on my ass for 8 hours, watching T.V, and searching the net on my computer. Sometimes I'll rent a couple movies to watch throughout the night. When I'm bored, I can go into the warehouse and hit some golfballs (Nah, jobs got nothing to do with golf, but we made half the room an indoor range, lol..) I can tell you though in 8 hours, I do less than an hours work ;).. sometimes I feel like I'm going to work to relax... haha... :D
  8. ^^^ You hiring? :)

    I used to work at a pizza place, shit was great. But now I got no job. Just school work for now.

  9. I get that from everyone ;) haha..
  10. I go to school full time...studying elementary education. I also work at Lane Bryant, selling overpriced clothes.
  11. i work at a shitty video store and go to college full time. it's nice to have free movies on lockdown whenever i'm stoned, but overall work sucks ass. good thing they don't drug test!!!
  12. i work in admitting at our trauma centre here. luv it, but i plan on goin to school AGAIN and getting my psych nurse degree. or i may just take my R.N. and become a trauma nurse. idk. i'm gearing towards the psych nurse tho. who knows. maybe by the time i'm 40 i'll have both;)

  13. Sounds just like my job. LOL Ain't it great working for family? I'm only here from 9:30 til 3:30. I do maybe 30 minutes of "work" everyday. I usually take at least 1 day off every week and still get paid for it. lol Unlimited sick days, take off when I want, and 2 months vacation every year on top of all the days I take off. Oh, and I get paid for those 2 months vacation too.:D I collect 26 bi weekly paychecks a year regardless of how much or how little I work. And I get a minimum 10% raise every year on top of a $5,000 to $10,000 bonus (depending on how much money I bring to the business every year). But like someone else said, I can't say what field I'm in due to security concerns. Its 100% legit though.
  14. I'm an IT Manager/Network Admin. by trade.
  15. I am a full time student. I am an IT/Networking major. I am the manager of a warehouse on the days i dont have class and in the summer and during school breaks. I am there by myself alot(work) so it is pretty easy to get high and noone find out. We have a big ass 8 foot in diamater exhaustfan that i smoke under. It sucks the smoke straight from the bowl or my mouth so there is 0 smell in the air on on my clothes. It is pretty sweet except in the 100 degree GA summers.

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