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Discussion in 'General' started by 010010ryan, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. forgot to show up to work Wednesday. no reason why so no excuse. guess i didnt knkow i had to go in.
    but today a girl i work with called me and was asking if i was ok and shit and i was like yea why and she said wednesday they were all calling me but it was going straight to voicemail.

    so now im faced with the problem of calling my boss and trying to explain myself.
    never done anything like this, so what should i say?
    maybe i should just quit...
  2. sorry i fucked up, please forgive me
  3. just say you didn't know you had to go in
  4. If its a job you care about, call your boss and apologize, tell him you had no idea you were supposed to work and were busy all day so you didn't realize you were being called to come to work.

    But, you said "maybe I should just quit" which leads me to believe you don't really give a shit about your job, so yeah, maybe you should just quit. If I was your boss I would probably fire you anyway lol.

  5. i said that cause if i were my boss id fire me lol
    i guess ill just call and be like yo sorry, i was high
  6. shit happens they can suck your balls if they cant deal with it
  7. How old are you? I'm hoping younger because if your older with actual responsibilities such as bills and etc then you need to grow up. If you hate your job look for another one while you have this one.

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  8. na i dont have any real bills to pay, mostly just save for a whip and insurance, i move out in a year tho.

    and i have another job available, i just cant work it while in school.

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