Work xmas party

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  1. So I went to this work xmas party.
    They hired out the roof level of this hotel.
    Had free drinks (have been on detox), 8 schooners of beer (Coopers and James Squire) and eventually a tequila when the bar opened.

    Sat with a dude from work I've known throughout the numerous times I've been employed there...barely got up more than to piss and get more drinks.
    People gravitated towards our table a bit, and it was like I barely even had to mingle, people would just stop by.

    Not a bad night.
    He rolled me a J. We had it downstairs - he rolled it up all-green for me even though he mixes his own.
    Wasn't like a huge J or anything, I got maybe 6 hits out of it.

    Though considering my detox was also for green, that and the alcohol hit me like what.

    So, I appreciated this.
    Now, when we go back to work I'm gonna bring him a G of some dankness.
  2. Sounds like a good night. I'd probably NEVER go to a work xmas party, just hate the thoughts of making small talk with coworkers. Sounds like you had a nice time though.
  3. small talk with co workers not only makes the working environment more enjoyable, it allows you to really know who you work with.
  4. i like work partys, its a great way to get to know your coworkers and gives everyone a chnace to loosing up

    funny how the tightist bitch at work is always the loosest one at the partys.....
  5. detox for green? Mary put you under mate?
  6. I skipped my work Christmas supper. Everyone is like 10 yrs older than me as was bringing their wives/ husbands. I'm sure it would have been fun but I got stoned with my friends instead.

  7. Pre-baby break.
  8. I would of went to mine if they had one, everyone is an alcoholic here tho

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