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Work Thoughts ...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ideal, May 23, 2006.

  1. So what do you think of at work or do to try and make the time pass?
  2. i ALWAYS think about smokin (cus im always high at work) and plans for sht im gonna do for my plants and just other random stoned thoughts. and sometimes i just start letting myself daydream about anything that pops into my mind. alotta though about my garden tho mainy. its my pasion as im sure yours is for all you other growers out there. peace

  3. AMEN Jhonnyweedseed , growing is all i can ever think about. Usualy when im at work im ripped as could be ( i work in produce) so i just go to the back and throw my knife into boxes and throw veggies in the air and slice them:D
  4. at work ill smoke a joint outback on way in.. come in .. i dish so i listen to music stoned as shit.. about 2 hrs later i go smoke a bowl or something to keep it goin .. work ushally feels like nothing (compared to school.. and schools even less hours!) .. i love it

    if i dont bring my headphones.. were in for a long night
  5. I mow lawns/mulch so I pretty much think about smoking all while I am at work listenin to music.
  6. I work in a warehouse and I usually have my headphones on listening to music which REALLY helps make the time pass. But i almost always have something on my mind to think about so i tend to zone out alot(luckily my job does not require much thought and my body just carries out the correct actions while i am thinking haha)

    plus the way the company is set up, i get a break about every 2 hours and it isnt hard to occupy myself for 2 hours at a time
  7. Normally time goes by really slow and I get the most out of everything when I'm high, but when I'm working, being high helps speed the day up. Mary is always looking after me:):)

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