Work this summer?

Discussion in 'General' started by boobsaregreat, May 27, 2009.

  1. Anyone got a good job this summer? Its fucking slim pickings up. Might've landed a forklift job though.

    How are things for everyone else?
  2. applied everywhere months ago, then everywhere again recently... still no job, not even at fuckin BK - fuck "this economy"

    im 20 with 2 years experience at a supermarket and 2 years at an eyedoctors... nothin
  3. I just applied to carls jr and might get a sigh holding job lol.
  4. I'm working at Qdoba over the summer. Free burritos FTW!:hello:
  5. I applied everywhere in my town except fast food. No calls back. I have a summer job at a wood farm but the shifts are long and the manual labor is far to manual.
  6. Sounds like we're all in the same fucking boat. Gay

  7. Shit sucks...there's a chance I might be fighting forest fires this summer...other than that things are pretty bleak. I've applied fucking everywhere around calls returned. I even got turned down for a job at a burrito shop...weak.

    If I can't find a job by the time school gets out I'll probably end up doing seasonal agricultural work...bucking haybales out in the hot July sun. :rolleyes:

    Yeah, I'm with Nfloyd...fuck this economy...
  8. Hey man if you can fight fires, take it. That would be a sick job.

    And go for the hay bale job. I do that in the fall around here and its great. Build some muscle, get some sun, get paid. You can do it high too, easy. Never had a drug test doing it either.

    Good luck dude
  9. Yeah the forest fire gig isn't totally set...I have to take a certification class first (already signed up), and then join a firefighter crew...and some of those crews drug test. It's just too early to determine at this point whether I'll actually be doing it or not.

    But yeah I wouldn't mind bucking hay either...I'm a strong dude and can handle being out in the sun...and it's good money even if it's long hours...shit, right now I'd be happy with any job I guess haha.:eek:
  10. ya nobody seems to want to hire me either. everybody wants atleast 5 yrs experience for anything/everything
  11. Well I happened to run into an old friend a few days ago and he actually ended up getting a new job on the marine base.Basically he cleans up construction sites and what not(from my understanding)and he said they start at 19 an hour!He said they're hiring right now,I need to get my ass down there as soon as my insurance kicks in.Best part,no drug test.Only negative is that it's like 30-45 minute drive,but for 19 dollars an hour fuck it,I used to drive 45 minutes every day twice a day for 9.50 an hour.It's time to get my shit straightened out.

    I'm thinking there's a reason that I ran into him that day,so I should atleast try.
  12. I have a job as a server atm.

    I'm not making the kind of money I want to be making but it's alright.

    Lookin to get a job at fedex soon and maybe work 2 jobs

    FYI - restaurants are usually hiring (especially w/ experience), UPS & Fedex are always hiring, and usually the lawn care companies :smoking:

  13. Only thing about fedex and ups is that you have to start as a package handler,which isn't a bad gig,but it's only a few hours a day.So it could be good if you're trying to work 2 jobs.

  14. Hell yea *****! Work at fedex mon-fri from 4-9 start out at $9.50. 6 weeks down the road get bumped up to 11.50. Work as a server on the weekends make some pretty decent tips :cool:
  15. ^that sounds legit dude, does fedex drug test?
  16. Sweet deal.A few of my relatives have worked there and it's super easy to transfer.
  17. Customer Service at Safeway, Sell people Cigarettes and Lotto Tickets, Oh and take there photos haha, If you gets still get dispoables dont take dumb pictures, We are required to report it to the police, Yes i have had kids bring in pictures of there buds. Sorry but im not gonna lose my job because of those stupid kids.
  18. Whats the craziest shit you've found in someones pics?

  19. Hell no they don't :smoking:
    If i got a job at fedex for several months later on down the road when I'm ready to transfer to a 4 year university I could transfer to a fedex/ups branch down in hawaii and have them pay for my college AND attend school in hawaii!! That would be the shiit~

    UPS and Fedex both pay... I believe $2,500 for schooling a semester :cool::cool:

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