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  1. So I just got the second of two children to sleep took my nightime medicne and now am just sitting down for some relaxation time. I recently relocated back to my home town after many years of here and there and back again. Having the little ones adds such a new outlook on life it is the greatest thing imaginable, and I never really used to imagine it.

    I look at life now and I am absolutley hooked on it. I now have the ability to go back in time I can grow up all over again. This is my chance to make things right! Well this all sounds good but reality is you can't control what the kids are going to do. Anyway I mean that it allows you to become a kid again in most senses. I am sure there are those of you that know exactly what I am talking about.
    Bla Bla

    So the "part 1" thing, right I work for a not for profit sort of reserve if you will. They own many acres of land , many many alright a lot. It is I think one of the most wonderful places in the Country maybe world I have been to a few places. We have an abundancde of wild life houses all the amenities and yet it has still remained old and quiet. Very old school , changing slowly. I had worked privatley for some of the members of this reserve as a kid growing up so I was familiar with the type of people they are and looked forward to being there if I was going to be home.

    When you enter the road to the "Reserve" if you will it is as if you have just entered another world you are winding up this steep hill and very narrow blind corners and out into a grand valley which you have to be at to explain it. What and amazing place. So as I spend my days there many many days, well the work thing you know. Things are strange at this place. People are just at there own pace I mean it would be unimaginable to have an operation run suh as this anywhere else. We have a small full time staff of whick keep the place spiffed up.

    Being in such a secluded private location it seems that the rules are different and you kind of just do what needs to be don e and thats that,you know with know bother all goes well, for the most part. You see I am the carpenter at the place. Did I mention the 65 room hotel and 13 or so cottages and all kinds of other buildings, old buildings I might add. Things at a place like this tend to get overlooked you know roof leaks but to busy to fix, Reminds me of an old Jerry Garcia lyric " Did you fix that leak in your roof yet, Well right now it's a rainin to hard and hell when the sun's a shinin it don't leak at all" Get the point. Well this is where I come in .

    I have been a carpenter among other things for many years, worked in a lot of places seen a lot of differen't methods of construction. I was taught to work hard earn your money and cary on. I started smoking grass when I was 13. Oops I have to go but will post more soon I hope
  2. Hahahahah, nice. Looking forward for more. :)

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