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  1. I am going to visit NL for the first time. Actually travel starts later on today. Here in this country it is difficult to get any good MJ or even real hash.

    So it is the first time for years I will enjoy some decent hash.

    I have read there is new initiative to bar tourists from byung hash and MJ in the NL. that is very bad news!

    Here is my proposal. Go to NL, take some nice photos of the good time you had, show that you really are not a hippie and not a drug freak.

    Then, mail all sort of government agencies, city councils, medical boards and all the like.

    For instance expensive creams for wrinkles are near-scam-like, and they do not really work. Metal health medication is totally dangerous with serious side effects. And even if it can put your depression into a straightjacket, it won't give you a new job. It won't erase the bad memory of a loved one who betrayed you.

    Or religion. This stuff never has been proven. NO miracle, no resurrection ever took place. But yes THE almight LORD sits in the church and he holds the key to eternity.

    It is also near-scam-like, but is still widespread and legal.

    Demand the legalization of hash and MJ for anyone adult with a clean track record and no organic disposition for mental health.

    Myself I have designed complicate electronics circuits when I was high. Then I soldered chips very fine work. No brain damage here.

    No the governments really need a correction of the big picture. They are locked to Woodstock and Acid freaks and hard drugs junkies or gateway drug and 1930 jazz.

    So I suggest to send them letters, together with decent pictures of your good time.

    The hash and MJ prohibition must end. Anyone adult (maybe 21 or 25 years not 18 or 16) should be able to buy hash and MJ. It is good medicine. It can help to become clear of bad memory, or when you are locked in a loop of thoughts. It is great fun. No one ever died from MJ overdose.

    Don't make a joke for them. This is really serious. People must mail them so they can see the truth about hash and MJ. They do not know the truth. They spread wrong information aka killer weed with 25% THC. Such a weed does not exist. Everyone know hash is far stronger than weed. And hash always had something around 10% potency.

    OK a teenager may loose control and become paranoid after smoking 5 grams in a row. I am 30 years, and I can smoke a lot of weed or even a few grams hash. I still can go shopping, appear normally, even when I use the stairway escalator, it takes lightyears (inaccurate sense of time).

    When they get 1000s of letters with good information of hash and MJ, legalization is on the doorsteps!

    What are you waiting for.
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    ok first off you completely lost me on the expensive creams and religion part.

    The governments big picture needs to be corrected. But nixon and reagan made it really hard for any drugs but tobacco and alcohol to be accepted in our culture. they arent locked on acid freaks (wtf??) or woodstock or 1930s jazz. They are sticking with prohibition because its good for the industrial prison complex and the police state.

    And your entire idea is to send letters with pictures showing how high i am? lol...

    Also, definitely not 25 years old. Thats way to freaking old. i say 18 actually. For something as harmless as cannabinoids. Nicotine and alcohol should be 21, but could both be 18 as well.

    Actually in the U.S. an 18 yr old is in high school. So i say 19 for all 3.

    And yes the government does know the truth. They made it illegal on purpose. Its a danger to corporations. And yes there are strains with 20%+ thc. And no hash is not 10% its around 60%.

    And actually the entire argument against higher THC helps us out in another argument. The dangers of smoke in your lungs, and 'how in the world could smoke possibly be a medicine', has been said over and over again...

    higher thc levels actually means that you have to take less hits to get the same high! So you actually smoke less, and get more high!

    everybody knows THC is harmless and you cant overdose or anything (you can 'green out' tho lol), so the higher THC levels argument is wrong and actually helps us for the smoke argument!

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