Work is sending me to Colorado for 6 Weeks

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  1. So my job is sending me on a (all expenses paid) trip to Colorado in January. I applied for this luxury a few weeks ago and just got the letter today saying that it is a go. I am really excited to broaden my horizons. I have recently (last year) gotten into snowboarding and around here there aren't many good places to go so that will probably be my main thing to do in my time off. I will be working over time those weeks helping work with HR over in Boulder and learning some things pertaining to my job so I really won't have too much free time but enough to enjoy myself. This job is kind of a throw-away job for me and really doesn't mean too much I am mainly doing it to go somewhere new for free.

    The one downside? I have a hair follicle test for my dream job in February so no legal pot smoking for this guy. Really sucks too because this will probably be my only time I can actually go to Colorado in the foreseeable future or at least until I have a steady job. Either way I am totally stoked for this 6 weeks. Anybody around the Boulder that can give me some places to hit up while I am there? I am talking best local places to eat, sights to see, activities that will be fun to partake in? From Wisco so I am no stranger to the cold, and I will be going there with 3 other co-workers who will most likely be smoking weed and joining me on my adventures.

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  2. Atleast try to sneak some wax back or something that could be easy incase you fail that hair follicle test(no bad luck intented ) then you can puff on that colorado goodness

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  3. That is true, I mean wax is pretty easy to find around here but it would be cool to get some top shelf shit to compare it. Either way I was planning on visiting a dispensary just to see what it's like. It'll feel like when I just turned 21 going into a liquor store again haha. Shit was so nerve racking even though it was legal
  4. yeah I was going to say at least go into a legal weed store, just for the experience if not else

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    Fuck, nothing else lol

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