Work in progress but fine as is for autos?

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  1. Built this little 4x4 in a spare corner. Was growing these three gorilla glue autos in a spare shower but decided to give them some privacy. In a 73 degree climate controlled home office. Vented in exterior wall with carbon filter. Gotta work on blacking it out so I can grow some big ole photos. And figure a good drain pan shop vac setup is all. Thinking two would get big in here. Not much extra room even for 3 autos. Just for me though so should be plenty lol IMG_4084.JPG IMG_4085.JPG IMG_4086.JPG IMG_4087.JPG

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  2. Need to fill in all those light leaks before anything

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  3. Yea i will after i finish up these autos. Gonna seal it up and run to photos in the 4x4 space next run. Works fine as is for now for 24/0 on the autos. Thanks.
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