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work help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cs_shoota, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. FUCK, next summer i said i would work for my uncle, but i just found out they give out drug tests, but i said i would b4 i knew, i dont want him to know i smoke because then my parents would, well i was hoping you guys could help me with some excuces, please, i really dont want to quit, thanks for the help!!!
  2. get another job first? say a friend is working there and offered you a ob
  3. Do they just test for the initial hiring? If its something you want to do and help your uncle out, then stopping for 30 days shouldnt be that bad, for the long run...I know it would suck to have to do that, but I think for the long run it would be worth it..
  4. well i already have a job, but i thought he would be better to work for him(slower and better hours) and i was like "ya i could use the extra money"
  5. it just the initial hiring drug test?
  6. quittin for a couple weeks so you can start making some cash to buy more weed isnt so bad... if you still rather not quit though then cant you allways just tell him you changed your mind ??
  7. what is it with you americans and drug testing. it's unheard of here unless there is a specific suspicion by police, or you're in the army/navy/air-force or got some job that requires sobriety, like aircraftpilots and boat skippers.

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