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Discussion in 'General' started by buds2k, Jun 17, 2004.

  1. hi, iv'e just recently started workin again and realize again just how much it sucks.....i hate goin to in college and im jsut fed up with all the types of jobs a college kid can get...i might sound like a lazy bastard or whatever but i got to stop workin for around 6 months...before that i worked 4 straight years of my life...ive just started back up workin with a diffrent company but its just such a drag and makes me depressed...does anyone know any kind of legit work from home type thing....i would love to work from home...i just hate having to go to school and then deal with goin to work and having to talk to annoying people and what not....maybe i jsut need a new type of job...but honestly my ideal job would be from home and i would work my ass of if i had to..i wouldnt even mind that...just having to to go to some mindless job thats wasting my time just plain out depresses me..i need around 600 bucks a month minimum to cover all my expenses to live....please help sick of all this bs...anyone that can help..thanks alot.
  2. do shit with computers/internet then you cna work from home

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