words that people dont say anymore

Discussion in 'General' started by Buddha_Man, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. "newfangled". seriously, whens the last time u heard someone say that

    also "coward" most people just say pussy or fag
  2. hahaha wtf is newfangled?! how about conundrum? granted I say that a lot, but im kinda weird..
  3. "sike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    lol that was a good one back in the day..
  4. Wicked pisser, my uncles still say this but they're old :laughing:

  5. I say that all the time.
  6. friends of mine give me shit for saying stuff like "word" or "right on" when i agree with or like something. i also replace "fuck fucker or fucked" with "muff muffer or muffed" alot too. i use coward pretty often as well.. i have to say though my most used phrase and most commented on is "ya digg?". :smoking:
  7. That was swell
  8. copasetic
    groovy man
    young whippersnapper

    (and a lot more from my generation). :D :smoke:
  9. doodle sack
  10. "odd" and "keen"

    Also, a word that people didn't really used to say that everyone says now: "dabble"
  11. "cool story bro"
  12. groovy, shagging, negros
  13. "fudge packer"


    "cool story fudge packer"
  14. unmentionables

  15. seriously br0?
  16. "Rick Perry for President"

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