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  1. So this might get long and be more of a rant, but i kinda just wanna set a few things straight about cultivating that i've learnt from years working at a plant nursery.
    I think loads of what in here can be intimidating to new growers, it seems very complicated sometimes,
    Marijuana is a very versitile plant, its nickname weed isn't for nothing.. the first thing you need to do is pick a strain of weed mainly based on your growing conditions to grow. An common example would be an small indoor grow with minimal space and lighting. Pick a strain based on its geographical location, ones closer to the hemisphere will take longer to mature and need more light, and strains like northern lights, will do great in small spaces with minimal light because naturally they grow small and well with little light. Northern plants are easier to maintain since they're hardy, used to wind and cold and dont mind being tossed around a bit.  
    I see a lot of people treating plants with the upmost care... they're fucking plants people, they are used to being bashed around, even broken a little bit, so dont be over precarious with them. With enough light, water and nutrients the plant will take it as nature intended.
    When it comes to compost, you could buy an expensive one with some marijuana connotations, but these are a scam. Go to your local garden centre and have a look. Simply choose an organic soil based compost, that's not lime free (ericaceous) To save money and stress, work out how much compost you need to allow the roots to grow (more root growth will mean bigger plants), double this, and buy a bag of compost with this amount. cut two crosses in the bag with a knife a 1/4 in from each side and dig the plant (which should be seeded and initially grown somewhere else before re-potting*) into these holes. You'll notice compost bags have holes in to allow for natural drainage, because if you're using the compost to grow a plant to consume (not for aesthetics), in a pot, anyone with brains uses the bags instead, that's what they're for. 
    *germinate your seeds and use small, biodegradable pots to initially grow them up to a few inches or until a couple of leaf sets show. The small pots will stunt root growth, sending more energy initially to growth rather than sustaining it, giving it that edge. 
    I'm pretty stoned and not sure where i'm going with this, but basically, if you're a new grower, dont be scared. Light, water and food is what it needs, and if you have enough of each it's pretty hard to kill the plant. I'm aware that close controlling of variables can increase yields etc, but for the first time grower, don't be too scared to get stuck in. 
    I'd also be happy to answer an questions on the horticultural side of things. As a commercial business, we obviously emphases ease and productivity while maintaining a high quality, so if anyone wants any help or quick tips i'm pretty sound on that shit these days.
    Some of this advice might seem quite vague, but too much is dependent on the strain and conditions to really make generalized comments, sorrrrrrrrrrry

  2. I think starting simple is the best way to learn what the plant needs, then begin experimenting. Granted you can grow in just about anything (my uncles for example, would grow in Black Gold, same soil start to finish with no fertz and plain old tap water), however some of the "designed" products do work to enhance the plant. I have run several different methods of growing (from organic slow release formulas [very cheap] to high-end ferts [very expensive]) and have to say that the high end stuff increases yields and quality in spades, IME.

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