Words fail me

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  1. I really don't know what to say.
  2. when you cant say nothing...

    Say anything.
  3. It's okay. It's the attempt at the thought that counts.
  4. Or more the thought itself that counts. Words are just an attempt to transmit a thought, to yourself or to other people.
  5. Well most of the times when words fail me, its more because I couldn't fully carve out the idea in my head to even get to the point of description.

    When words fail to translate my thoughts it more like a obvious confusing jumble of words that abruptly stops with a "AHGGGH i cant describe it".

  6. Well, I personally realized that I don't think in words, they just serve as a mode of expression for me. Try Salvia and you might understand what I mean haha.
  7. yeah I don't think in words, I don't think anybody does.
    It's more like... you think a thought, and then when you try to make sense of it or analyze it, then words materialize in your head...

  8. Yeah, I always "materialize" it by calling it "translation"... but in reality, that's just another limited word I guess. :p

    Metaphor is a metaphor, damn it!
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    remember in pulp fiction, when the long haired dude is sitting in a freaky 50s restaurant or something like that and the chick he's with says something about the fact that "it is hard to find a person who you can not talk to without is becoming an awkward silence" is driving her mad. so yeah, i agree with her, it pisses me off that some people just HAVE to talk and can't just be silent for 5 minutes, and let the other person be silent too.

    so i dont agree with the second poster, if you have nothing to say, say nothing

  10. Wow, interesting take... :p I hadn't noticed that.
  11. I'm with you on that. If you can find someone who you can share a silence, but a meaningful silence, not an awkward one...you should hold on to them.
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    When you cant say anything worthwhile, say nothing.
    After all, We need silence to touch souls.

    Our mind works best with symbols, and that is what language is, no?

    I speak Polish and English fluently, and it's really intriguing when my friends come over and I speak Polish with my grandparents. It just sounds to them like I'm making a bunch of weird noises with my mouth, but each weird noise I make actually has some meaning and each compilation of noises represents an idea. Language barriers are strange.

  13. It's great that you mention that. My girlfriend speaks Vietnamese, but I only really know English (and a little Spanish).

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