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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SwiftWaterz, May 9, 2011.

  1. yo whats up i've been here for a few days but i never gave a proper introduction so

    i'm SwiftWaterz, i chose that name because if you think about it its pretty crazy how water can be so powerful it can cut smash etc. oh and the z is for some extra spice ;)

    i just love chillin talking to people you know, hopin to get some good vibes here, its looking good

    it would be sick of some of yall could send some rep my way too lol :D
  2. lol @ avatar
  3. i was expecting a warmer welcome...
  4. Dude your asking for rep again?? You have 2 penises on your avatar you dont deserve any reputation let alone to post man..you expect to much how about you go make a funny thread or something?
  5. Wow... Well just ignore these people.

    Welcome! Enjoy Grasscity! Once you make it past the idiots, you will find the fun and loving community. Where you from? What do you enjoy doing besides smoking the herb?
  6. trust me man, u will get over the whole rep thing. ive been fkn stuck on one green rep bar since i joined!

    p.s. If you like this response plus rep me....
  7. ha well i may be an "idiot" but you know nothing about this so before you start making assumptions that im an idiot, maybe you should know whos thread your posting on first.

    Every post he's had so far has been him asking for reputation, so why would we want him in our forum? Plus im not that immature one with 3 penises touching in my avatar, thats just wrong...
  8. uh... no dude seriously check again lol i haven't asked for rep that many times, just when i said something i thought was worth repping
  9. Quit asking for rep WTF is wrong with u.? Jus saw another thread where u got shit on asking for rep and here's another one saying u deserve rep for what??! Your name and dick avatar.

    Y the fuck ppl care about rep? I look on gc to help and ask for help regarding stoner problems. Not some popularity contest to see who can get rep.

    When I see ppl with rep I expect them to be intellectual and knowledgable about the herb. I would be a little upset to see some douche with Hella rep giving out stupid comebacks to ppls thread like u. Whatever man good luck getting popular on grass city.

    Edit: if something u say is worth rep. You'll get it.
  10. you dont even care about it then why you ragging on me for asking :confused:
  11. Your avatar still makes me laugh everytime and i've seen it atleast 15 times. Especially since you added 2 more
  12. thanks man for not over reacting and actually sitting back and having a laugh once in a while
  13. HAHAHAHA at his sig! i love this guy. +rep for u sir!

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