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  1. I didnt check up on my parent plants for a couple of days and when opening the door today this is what was there to greet me lol. what do people think, will it come back?

  2. water it it will be fine
  3. They want to keep a male? :smoke:
  4. You keeping it for breeding? What strain?

    yup, breeding is harder without them lol

    that one is white widow

    he bounced back after a few hours...

  6. I was gonna say. you know what you're doing and I knew it wouldn't take long to bring it back.
  7. Good news!
  8. I'm glad he made it but it wouldn't of been a big problem if he didn't make it because I have two clones off him that are going in to flowering soon. this one is only being kept incase something happens to the clones, or something goes wrong with the breeding process

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